Myanmar Regime Detains, Tortures Yangon Residents After Bombing of Govt Office

By The Irrawaddy 19 April 2021

Myanmar military regime troops have rounded up and tortured a number of people following a series of deadly blasts that killed at least one soldier and wounded several others in Yangon on Saturday.

The three explosions occurred at the government’s General Administration Office in Yankin Township, where troops have been based since March.

Following the blasts, security forces launched night raids of residences in the neighborhood and arrested around three dozen people, locals said.

On Sunday, the regime’s Myawaddy TV announced that six people, two women and four men, had been arrested in the township with homemade bombs and related materials after a tip-off.

In pictures aired during the report, the accused show signs of severe torture.

However, locals said that at least 10 of the people arrested, including the six identified by the junta, are being held at an interrogation center in the outskirts of Yangon. The 10 known detainees are Ma Khin Nyein Thu, Ko Wanna Htun, Ko Swan Pyae Lin, Ma Hsu Lin Htet, Ko Min Khant Naung, Ko Yan Naing Soe, Ko Kaung Sett, Ko Phone Myat Win, Ko Swan Htet Hlaing Thaw and Ko Thura Aung.

A screengrab from Myawaddy of those arrested in Yankin.

Numerous explosions and arson attacks have occurred across the country recently following the regime’s brutal crackdowns on protesters.

Pro-democracy rallies have been held across the country since early February following the military coup. The junta has responded to the protests with brutal force, slaying more than 700 civilians, including children, so far.

The junta has blamed “rioters”, the military’s euphemism for protesters, for the destruction. However, some attacks happened during night-time curfew hours when civilians are not supposed to go out.

While most of the blasts caused either minor or no damage, the explosions in Yankin on Saturday appeared to be serious, given the casualties.

A witness told The Irrawaddy that the three explosions occurred after one another and were strong enough to shake homes in the area.

“Black billows of smoke engulfed the administration office and an ambulance rushed in there,” said a resident.

Other than the announcement of the six arrests, the regime has been tight-lipped about the explosions and the casualties so far.

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