Myanmar Protest Death Toll Hits 270 as Regime Intensifies Assaults

By The Irrawaddy 25 March 2021

After eight more people were shot dead by security forces of the military regime in several areas across Myanmar, the country’s protest-related death toll since the military’s Feb. 1 coup reached 270 on Thursday.

Security forces intensified their brutal crackdowns on anti-regime protests held at several cities including Taunggyi, Khin-U, Mohnyin, Khin-U, Pyay, and Hpa-an.

During the crackdowns, several people were seriously wounded while many others were arrested by police and military troops.

Beginning Thursday morning, security forces conducted a brutal assault against anti-regime protests in Shan State’s capital Taunggyi.

An anti-regime protester was killed during the protest in Kachin State’s Mohnyin on Thursday.

During the crackdown, four anti-regime protesters were reportedly killed and many were injured as police and soldiers used live rounds, rubber bullets, teargas, stun grenades and slingshots.

Residents said that security forces also raided houses where anti-regime protesters were taking cover and opened fire at protesters inside with rubber bullets fired at close range.

Also, security forces destroyed several vehicles and motorcycles belonging to local people in Taunggyi and opened fire on the windows of houses and apartments.

A video of the crackdown in Taunggyi shows the body of an anti-regime protester being dragged on the ground by security forces.

Another video shows a female protester being slapped and punched in the face by three members of security forces after she was taken out of a house.

Military troops also opened fire against residents in Sagaing Region’s Khin-U township. Two out of three people wounded reportedly died in the afternoon when they were being moved while security forces pursued the wounded.

A man was also shot dead at Kachin State’s Mohnyin Township on Thursday as police opened fire on a crowd that had appeared in front of the town’s police station calling for the release of ten anti-regime protesters who had been detained during a protest that morning.

Police opened gunfire at the window of a house and apartment in Shan State’s capital Taunggyi in their crackdown against anti-regime protests on Thursday.

A resident said that another man was shot in the arm in the confrontation. Three other anti-regime protesters hiding under a small bridge were shot by security forces when they were discovered. Two were wounded, and one was killed.

Security forces also conducted a brutal crackdown against the anti-regime protests in Yangon’s Thingangyun Township on Thursday. Several people were arrested and injured.

After holding a nationwide “Silent Strike” on Wednesday, tens of thousands of people across the country took to the streets to protest against the military regime on Thursday.

Amid the intensified brutal crackdowns, people in Myanmar have been taking to the street day and night to show their defiance of military rule.


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