Myanmar Junta Tortures Civilians to Death in Magwe

By The Irrawaddy 29 March 2022

Junta soldiers and allied Pyu Saw Htee militia fighters tortured two civilians to death this month in Gangaw Township, Magwe Region, according to Gangaw People’s Defense Force (PDF).

A Myauk Khin Yan villager on March 18 was doused with hot water before being chained to a vehicle by his neck and dragged around the village until he died. The village is a Pyu Saw Htee stronghold. 

And Mwe Lel villager on March 24 had his limbs fractured and an eye gouged out before being stabbed to death, said Gangaw PDF on Sunday.

“They are killing arbitrarily and brutally,” said a resident. 

Villages, including Myauk Khin Yan in Gangaw Township, were torched by junta troops in January. / CJ

A resistance fighter was killed by an artillery strike while rescuing more than 300 civilians trapped in villages.

Daily clashes have been reported in rural Gangaw this month. Five junta privates were killed and a captain was injured in the fighting on March 21, according to the PDF. Six resistance fighters died the following day when the junta used artillery and snipers. 

Apart from killing civilians, junta soldiers have vandalized and torched their houses and looted valuables, said Gangaw villagers. 

Around 150 junta troops in two groups raided villages in Gangaw and have recently merged into a single force. Troops are holding two civilians as human shields, according to residents. 

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