Myanmar Junta Launched 307 Airstrikes on Civilian Targets: KNU

By The Irrawaddy 22 February 2023

Myanmar’s junta has conducted 307 airstrikes targeting civilians in Karen National Union (KNU) territory over the past two years, killing 36 people and injuring 57, the KNU said on Tuesday.

The airstrikes since the 2021 coup have destroyed 258 houses, 12 schools, six hospitals and 13 religious buildings in Bago and Tanintaryi regions and Mon and Karen states.

A church destroyed by junta airstrikes in Htee Pa Kalal village in Myawaddy Township, Karen State, on February 10. / KNDO

On February 13, three junta fighters dropped six bombs on Htaut Htee Pal village in KNU Brigade 5 territory in Hpapun District, Karen State, said the KNU.

Six civilian houses, a school, three shops and other buildings were burned and destroyed by the airstrikes. No civilian casualties were reported.

The two junta jets bombarded KNU Brigade 3 territory in Bago Region on February 15.

KNU, the country’s oldest ethnic-minority revolutionary group, has been attacking the regime since several hundred peaceful demonstrators were killed across the country.

The rebel group also trains and arms many activists who want to fight the regime.

The KNU’s two armed wings, the Karen National Liberation Army and Karen National Defense Organization, have been fighting with newly formed resistance groups.

The KNU this month reported 8,038 clashes with regime forces in its territory since the coup.

In the clashes, 6,876 junta troops were killed and 5,515 injured while 219 resistance fighters were killed and 605 injured.

The KNU has vowed to uproot the dictatorship in 2023, agreeing with four other revolutionary groups, Myanmar’s civilian National Unity Government and many resistance groups to accelerate attacks against the junta.