Myanmar Junta Forces Kill Detained Villagers, Torches Homes in Sagaing

By Hein Htoo Zan 4 March 2023

Myanmar’s junta has torched at least five Wetlet Township villages and killed seven residents this week, according to resistance groups.

Junta troops raided villages in the west and north of the township on February 28, torching houses in Moat Soe Choung and Tae Taw villages.

On March 2, troops torched Kyee Kan village, detained villagers and killed at least seven of them.

“We are still counting the number of burned houses. Some people are still detained. We can verify that they have killed at least six Kyee Kan villagers,” said a member of the Wetlet Informational Network.

On Friday morning soldiers raided Saing Naing Gyi village and destroyed 56 houses and nine houses in Saing Naing Lay village, burning large amounts of rice in both villages.

“Our barn was full of rice. That’s all we had for the year but it is all gone,” said Daw Mya Tin, 45, of Saing Naing Gyi. She is sheltering in a forest along with thousands of other villagers.

A clash broke out with resistance groups on Friday in which at least five junta troops were killed, according to Nagar Min People’s Defence Force that is based in Wetlet.