Myanmar Junta Arrests Resistance Members Accused of Assassinations and Robberies

By The Irrawaddy 22 May 2023

Myanmar’s military regime has arrested 31 alleged People’s Defense Force (PDF) members in Yangon and Mandalay accused of assassinations and robberies of junta-linked individuals including its deputy electoral chief.

Sai Kyaw Thu, the deputy director-general of the junta-appointed Union Election Commission and a former army lieutenant-colonel, was shot dead in Yangon on April 22. Arkar Htet Kyaw, one of his alleged killers, was arrested at his apartment in Yangon’s Sanchaung Township on May 12, the regime claimed.

After investigating Arkar Htet Kyaw, the junta arrested nine more accomplices over the next four days.

The 10 detainees are accused of involvement in eight assassinations in Yangon from November 2021 to April 2023, killing at least 10 people including regime-appointed ward administrators and U Thein Aung, the CFO of military-linked Mytel Telecommunications Co.Ltd.

They were also involved in six attacks on regime targets in Yangon, the junta report said.

Jame and Oakkar Lin Yan, the leaders of the Yangon Revolution Force PDF, are accused of being the masterminds behind the assassinations and attacks.

The regime said that it will take effective action against the detainees.

In Mandalay the junta has arrested Chan Myae Oo, the deputy leader of the Royal Phoenix Guerrilla Force (RPGF) PDF. 12 of his alleged accomplices were arrested on May 18, the junta said.

It said the detainees were involved in two assassinations and nine attacks on regime targets and junta-linked business in Mandalay and Sagaing Region.

U Yee Mon, the defense minister of the civilian National Unity Government (NUG), has been accused by the junta of being the mastermind behind the RPGF’s assassinations and attacks.

On May 14, the regime said that it had captured eight members of the Anti-Dictatorship People’s Revolutionary Army (ADPRA) PDF, who were allegedly involved in a May 13 robbery of a jewelry store in Yangon’s Thaketa Township.

The group has been accused of committing two assassinations and three robberies in Yangon.

The NUG’s U Yee Mon has also been accused by the junta of providing weapons to the ADPRA and overseeing the assassinations and robberies.

The Irrawaddy could not verify any of the junta’s accusations independently.