Myanmar Hackers Take Down Military-Run Websites

By The Irrawaddy 17 February 2021

Yangon — On Wednesday the websites of government agencies, including the Central Bank of Myanmar and military-run Tatmadaw True News Information Team, were attacked by hackers.

Myanmar Hackers claimed responsibility.

“Our goal is to overthrow the military regime. We will fight online to annihilate the core departments and businesses that prop up the regime,” Myanmar Hackers posted on Facebook.

The group shared a blog link that can reportedly be used to make cyber attacks. “Hack with your own hands and join the attack,” wrote the group.

The group also targeted the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration, Trade Department, Customs Department, Ministry of Commerce and military-run media like Tatmadaw True News Information Team and Myawady TV and state-owned broadcaster Myanma Radio and Television and some private media outlets.

The central bank, True News Information Team, Myawady TV and Trade Department webs were inaccessible on Wednesday morning.

A computer technician in Yangon said the hacks were denial-of-service attacks.

“They disrupt the normal traffic of a targeted server by overwhelming the target with a flood of internet traffic so a website slows down or crashes,” he said.

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