Myanmar Extends Bans on Gatherings, Int’l Flights as Imported COVID-19 Cases Rise

By Zarni Mann 15 June 2020

MANDALAY—The Myanmar government announced on Monday that restrictions on visas, international flights and public gatherings have been extended through June 30.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said the government has extended temporary entry restrictions for visitors from all countries to prevent the spread of COVID19, as Myanmar could still see an outbreak of the coronavirus from imported cases.

As of Monday, Myanmar has confirmed 262 cases of COVID-19, including six deaths and 165 recoveries. Of the 36 new cases reported since June 1, 33 are imported cases, mainly from India, Bangladesh, China, Italy, Thailand and Malaysia.

Since March, Myanmar has instructed all arrivals to the country, including Myanmar citizens, to quarantine in government facilities. Diplomats and UN officials must present a health certificate confirming that they tested negative for COVID-19 before entering.

Anyone seeking repatriation or flights for urgent official missions of foreign nationals, diplomats and United Nation officials, may contact the nearest Myanmar mission for a possible exception to the restrictions. Anyone who is allowed to enter the country still needs to follow preventive procedures, including a 21-day quarantine.

All visas and international flights to Myanmar have been suspended since May 14. In early June, the government extended the restrictions through June 15.

The government also extended the ban on public gatherings and orders to maintain social distancing until the end of June.

Until June 30, public and mass gatherings are not allowed, the 12-4 a.m. curfew remains in place and all citizens are ordered to practice social distancing. Schools and training centers are still closed and the government has ordered everyone to wear masks when going outside.

Long distance buses across the country have been allowed to operate again since early June but must limit the number of passengers on board. Restaurants, coffee shops, tea shops and markets are also open again with social distancing measures and limits on numbers of customers.

Hotels, bars, clubs and karaoke lounges, however, are not yet allowed to open.

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