Myanmar Army Truck Blasted in Yangon; Soldier Injured

By The Irrawaddy 31 August 2021

A truck carrying Myanmar junta soldiers was bombed by unidentified attackers in Hlegu Township in Yangon Region on Tuesday morning, according to residents.

The attack came after about eight blasts rocked the city, including several traffic police booths, on Monday.

At 11am on Tuesday, the military vehicle was parked near a bus stop when someone threw a bomb inside, according to Hlegu Luumhu, a social media page for the township.

The vehicle was damaged and one out of five junta soldiers inside was injured, according to the page.

Following the blast, junta forces stopped vehicles in the township.

On Sunday afternoon, a junta soldier was killed by a bomb attack on a bunker in the township by the Hlegu People Defense Force (HPDF), according to the group.

An alleged junta informant and a soldier were also seriously injured, the HPDF said on Monday.

Armed resistance against the junta started in late March following lethal crackdowns on peaceful protesters.

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