Murder Victim’s Body Discovered in Travel Suitcase Near Mount Yankin

By May Sitt Paing 7 October 2015

RANGOON — The body of a man aged in his forties has been found in a suitcase* on the road leading to the summit of Mount Yankin in Mandalay’s eastern outskirts, according to the Patheingyi Township police force.

Officers said they investigated the scene on Tuesday morning after receiving a report that the deceased man, whose body showed signs of beating and torture wounds, had been found stuffed inside the 2 by 1.5 foot suitcase.

“We’re still investigating the case and identifying the victim. We have not yet determined what the charge will be,” a township police officer told The Irrawaddy.

Police said the victim had a two-inch long stab wound on the left side of his head, along with bruising on his forehead and lips.

*Correction, Oct. 7, 2015: This article originally stated the deceased’s body was found inside a packing crate.