Mandalay Police Find Over 28 M Meth Tablets Inside Abandoned Car

By Zarni Mann 9 March 2018

MANDALAY — Police in Mandalay found more than 28 million methamphetamine tablets and other drugs inside an abandoned car on Friday.

According to police, the Toyota Crown Royal Saloon was abandoned on 73rd Street, between Khing Shwe War Street and Zalatwar Street, about four days ago.

“We received the information that the car was there for about four days and, suspecting something illegal, we checked it and found the drugs,” said police Captain T Khaung Lwan.

The police said the initial count included 28 million methamphetamine tablets packed inside pet food bags, 4.7 kg of heroin and about 1 kg of crystal methamphetamine packed inside soap boxes. Police also found 0.15 kg of Sodium hydroxide, which they suspect was to be used to make more drugs, and some sex toys.

“We are still counting the drugs and calculating the value because there is so much. The police have opened a case under the National Drug Law and we are still investigating to find the owner of the car and related drug abuse cases,” the police captain said.

According to Mandalay Region’s counter-narcotics unit, Friday’s drug seizure may have been the largest this year.

The largest drug seizure of all, in Mandalay Region’s Pyigyidagun Township in July 2017, netted a haul estimated at over 60 billion kyats ($44.7 million).