Funding Important if Revolution to Be Victorious: Prominent Myanmar Activist

By The Irrawaddy 11 March 2022

Veteran democracy activist Min Ko Naing has delivered a message on the importance of financially backing the revolution to topple Myanmar’s junta as a new scheme to generate funds will be launched by the parallel, civilian National Unity Government (NUG).

In a video message on Thursday, the well-known activist, who is also a key figure on the National Unity Consultative Council— the NUG’s political consultative body — said plans to fund essential weapons for revolutionary forces are underway and will be made public.

Previous fundraising efforts by the NUG, including launching lottery tickets to support striking civil servants and raffle and bond sales, have raised millions of dollars. However, the costs of bringing down the regime are significant.

“The victory of the revolution depends on finances,” Min Ko Naing said.

The 1988 uprising leader updated the public on the revolution’s progress, saying the junta is struggling on the ground and thus escalating its attempts to distract the public. He reminded people not to believe the regime’s propaganda and to help the revolution where possible.

“They are burning entire villages to threaten others who fear they might suffer the same attacks,” the activist said, regarding the rising numbers of arson attacks on civilian targets in resistance strongholds.

Min Ko Naing said regardless of threats and violence, Myanmar’s people will not surrender because they know it will end with them living under junta rule and the control of Pyu Saw Htee militias, which are trained and armed by the military.

“People understand the revolution has pushed the military to the stage where they dare not fight without air support,” Min Ko Naing said.

The increasing number of senior military officers defecting and joining revolutionary forces and the successful sale of NUG bonds to fund the revolution are positive developments, he said.

The population rejects military rule and the junta faces opposition in numerous forms, including flash-mob protests, armed resistance, economic pressure and advocacy.

The regime has killed at least 1,642 civilians and over 12,000 people have been arrested, including elected government leaders, since last year’s coup.

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