Fresh Fighting Erupts After Myanmar Junta Attacks at Chinese Border

By The Irrawaddy 3 March 2022

Fresh clashes broke out between Myanmar’s military regime and the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA), also known as the Kokang Group, in Mongkoe, northern Shan State, on Tuesday and Wednesday, according to the armed group.

The two sides clashed to the west of Mt Manpin on Wednesday morning, an MNDAA information officer told The Irrawaddy.

“Around 100 soldiers from Battalion 420 under Division 99 came to attack us,” he said.

Junta troops withdrew after 90 minutes of fighting. The MNDAA suffered no casualties and junta casualties are unknown, he added.

Mongkoe is crucial to border trade with China.

Around 100 junta troops also attacked a hill at Manjie near the border on Tuesday, according to the MNDAA. The group claimed the regime fired more than 80 artillery shells at its Manrang outpost in Mongkoe on Monday.

The MNDAA said in late November that more than 260 clashes had been recorded with Myanmar’s junta in Mongkoe since early July.

Junta reinforcements have arrived in Mongkoe via Kutkai since February 24, said the MNDAA, accusing the regime of attempting to take advantage of the funeral of its founder to launch attacks.

 Peng Jiasheng, 94, a former MNDAA chairman, died of old age in mid-February and the group had been busy organizing his funeral.

“I think they are taking advantage of the fact that we are busy with the funeral of our former chairman and attacked us off our guard,” the MNDAA information officer said.

He said further clashes could erupt any time in Mongkoe amid high tensions and because junta reinforcements keep arriving.

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