Four Myanmar Soldiers Killed in Grenade Attack in Sagaing Region

By The Irrawaddy 5 April 2021

Four soldiers died on Sunday afternoon when a grenade was hurled into a truck as local residents fought back after the soldiers had shot at anti-regime protesters erecting road blocks in Sagaing Region’s Tamu.

The junta forces opened fire in Tamu, which lies near the border with India, around 4pm on April 4, as well as using slingshots to target protesters and attempting to destroy roadblocks set up by local residents. Protesters fought back for two hours, according to a Tamu resident who wished to stay anonymous.

But while some of the anti-coup demonstrators sustained injuries, no civilians in Tamu died Sunday.

Since a protester was shot dead and seven others injured by soldiers in Tamu on March 25, both protesters and local residents have taken up arms, using improvised explosive devices and shields to defend themselves against the security forces.

All the residents of the town have united in opposition to the security forces after the death of protester Ko Myo Min Aung, also known as Ko Pho Kalar, 33, on the night of March 25, said Tamu residents. Junta forces also detained three severely injured people who were on their way to a hospital in Sagaing Region’s Kale Township.

Anti-regime protesters in Kale town, Sagaing Region on Mar. 1. / Khonumthung News

The following day, four soldiers died as Tamu residents began to defend themselves.

On April 2, six members of the security forces died when striking police officer Thang Hou Gin led an attack on security forces deployed in Tamu’s fire station. Thang Hou Gin was killed in the incident, making him the second Tamu resident to die in the Spring Revolution, the resident told The Irrawaddy.

Over the last ten days, at least 14 soldiers have been confirmed dead even as the regime’s security forces have intensified their brutal crackdown on protesters, who are now reacting to the violence by any means possible.

One protester said that Tamu residents of all ages have been supporting the student protesters, with striking police officers leading the defense against the regime forces.

Soldiers were once again patrolling the town on Monday, but the protester said that the people would continue to defend themselves.

Police prepare to block anti-regime protesters in Kale town, Sagaing Region on Mar. 1. / Khonumthung News

People across the Sagaing and Magwe regions have also been defending themselves against the junta’s forces. To the south of Tamu, villagers in Kale and Yinmarbin Townships are using traditional, homemade percussion lock firearms and homemade gas pressure guns firing glass or steel balls to defend themselves against the regime. https://www.irrawaddy.com/news/burma/myanmar-villagers-take-homemade-weapons-regimes-security-forces.html

Villagers in Gangaw Township of Magwe Region have also clashed with security forces, after the military sent reinforcements to the soldiers attacking protesters in Kale Township.

Since the military’s Feb. 1 coup, the junta forces have used live rounds, hand grenades and explosives during two months of deadly crackdowns on peaceful anti-regime demonstrations.

Protesters across Myanmar have been defending themselves since mid-March with traditional homemade firearms, homemade gas pressure guns, handmade bows and arrows and Molotov cocktails.

As of Sunday evening, at least 564 people have been killed nationwide by the security forces and more than 2,600 are being held in detention.


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