Four Myanmar Police Officers Shot Dead on Train in Yangon

By The Irrawaddy 16 August 2021

The Myanmar military regime’s security forces saw another deadly day on Saturday, when four policemen were shot dead by unknown attackers on a train on Yangon’s Circular Railway, highlighting the bloody reality that civilian resistance against the junta has yet to wane, more than six months into the regime’s rule.

Six policemen working as onboard security officers on a Circular Railway train traveling from Yangon’s Central Station to Kyemyindaing in the city’s west were shot at close range on Saturday afternoon by three men.

The regime’s mouthpiece Myawady TV announced on Sunday that four of the police officers were killed on the spot and two were injured, and their firearms were taken.

The shooting was the deadliest single attack on police in Yangon since the Feb. 1 coup.

As of Monday, no one had claimed responsibility for the shooting.

Saturday’s deadly attack came after five people involved in the resistance movement jumped to their deaths from a four-story building last week to evade raiding troops. Two of the five died on the spot.

Since April, Myanmar’s business hub has seen sporadic bloody attacks against the regime’s soldiers and police and junta-appointed local administrators, as many young people have taken up arms following fatal crackdowns on their peaceful protests against the regime. The attacks include hurling homemade bombs at administrators’ offices; gunning down regime collaborators and spraying soldiers with bullets in hit-and-run attacks.

Prior to the weekend attack, a number of security personnel were injured in a series of explosions and attacks that occurred at regular intervals in Yangon since early this month.

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