Five Civilians Killed and Burned by Myanmar Junta Troops in Magwe

By The Irrawaddy 15 June 2022

Five civilians, including three striking civil servants, from Myaing Township in Magwe Region have been killed and burned by Myanmar junta troops.

Around 50 troops and pro-regime Pyu Saw Htee militia members‌ raided Danpinkan village on Friday morning and took 12 civilians as human shields while they advanced to Thitkyitaw village in Yesagyo Township. Danpinkan is near the border with Yesagyo Township.

Some civilians were released on Saturday but teachers U Win Kyaw and Daw Khin Hnin Wai, who was five months’ pregnant, and nurse Daw Zar Li Naing and other civilians Mg Htay Min Oo and Ma Thae Ei Ei Win were tortured and killed on Friday night near Paidthinkut village, according to the Northern Yesagyo Guerilla Force.

Bo Mote Sait, a group representative, said: “The bodies were burned and buried. We found handcuffs and ammunition at the site. The victims struggled before they were killed. I think they were burned alive.”

All five were reportedly members of the resistance group. Ma Thae Ei Ei Win married earlier this month.

A Danpinkan villager said: “My nephew was arrested but luckily he was released the next day. Unfortunately, our teacher, U Win Kyaw, and the others were brutally murdered by the soldiers. We have no words to express our sadness.”

Since the coup last year, many government staff have refused to work for the regime, stifling the junta’s ability to administrate. Many striking civil servants have been sacked, face arrest warrants and are in hiding. Some have been brutally killed in custody.

U Hlaing Win, a striking teacher from Sagaing Region, was arrested in December and died in custody days later. 

Daw Khin Yi Yi Zaw, another striking teacher, was shot dead while riding a motorcycle in Kalay Township in February.

Resistance forces have threatened civil servant who refuse to join the national civil disobedience movement. 

A teacher and her sister from Wetlet Township in Sagaing Region were killed on June 6 for cooperating with the regime.

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