Dozens of Myanmar Junta Soldiers Killed in Chin State Clashes

By The Irrawaddy 30 June 2021

Around 40 junta soldiers were killed on Tuesday by civilian resistance fighters of the Chinland Defense Force (CDF) during fierce clashes in Chin State’s Hakha and Falam townships.

On Tuesday morning, a firefight erupted after 40 fighters of the CDF-Hakha raided a police outpost in Bungzung Village located on the Gangaw-Hakha highway.

At least 20 regime soldiers were killed during the subsequent six hour-long shootout with around 35 junta troops, while two civilian resistance fighters were injured, according to the spokesperson of CDF-Hakha.

“We had to attack the police outpost as a warning since they are prohibiting and exploiting the transportation of food between Gangaw and Hakha,” the spokesperson told The Irrawaddy on Wednesday.

Another shootout occurred on Tuesday when over 100 fighters from the Chin National Defense Force (CNDF) clashed with 100 junta troops from Falam and 100 regime reinforcements from Kalaymyo Township, Sagaing Region, who were attempting to raid a CNDF area.

During two hours of intense fighting near Wai Bu La Town in Falam Township, the junta forces used heavy explosives in their attacks.

The CNDF said in a statement that at least 20 junta soldiers were killed and several injured. Four civilian resistance fighters were killed and three others injured.

However, the Irrawaddy was unable to confirm independently the casualty counts from the two shootouts.

Locals in Falam Township have been warned by the CNDF to be alert as it expects the military regime forces to take revenge. The CNDF said also that it will protect the lives and properties of people and avoid taking actions that will lead to residents of the area being harmed.

Junta reinforcements have now been deployed in Hakha Township, and the CDF spokesperson said that there will be further firefights in the township if junta troops move into CDF areas.

Clashes broke out initially in Hakha on May 2 and continued through May 4 after junta forces refused to release detained anti-regime protesters.

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