Chin Resistance Destroys Myanmar Junta Reinforcement Convoy

By The Irrawaddy 18 April 2023

A Myanmar junta convoy traveling to reinforce the Chin State capital Hakha was completely destroyed by resistance forces on Thursday before reaching the city.

A junta convoy traveling to the Chin State capital Hakha after it was totally destroyed.

The convoy, which was defended by two armored vehicles, left Kale in Sagaing Region with around 30 trucks in early March to reinforce Hakha but Chin resistance groups repeatedly ambushed the vehicles, inflicting casualties.

Chin National Front spokesman Salai Htet Ni told The Irrawaddy the remaining vehicles were destroyed or disabled near Chuncung village about 16km from Hakha.

“Our troops have been attacking along the road but the ambush near Chuncung ended it,” Salai Htet Ni said.

The convoy originally had around 200 troops but was reduced to about 40 soldiers and 12 vehicles before the final ambush. Resistance groups used drones and landmines, destroying an armored vehicle and the remaining trucks, according to resistance groups.

Some junta troops escaped to the village on Thursday, groups said.

Junta shelling and airstrikes followed the attack.

The reinforcements were sent to Chin State in March and April ahead of the rainy season.

In April last year, over 70 junta trucks left Magwe Region for Chin State and many soldiers were killed and injured in ambushes.