Around 90 Myanmar Junta Troops Killed in Resistance Attacks

By The Irrawaddy 9 November 2021

Around 90 junta soldiers were reportedly killed on Monday and Tuesday in civilian resistance attacks in Sagaing, Magwe and Bago regions and Chin and Shan states.

On Tuesday morning, an armed group raided a police outpost on the Yangon-Mandalay highway in Phyu Township, Bago Region, according to a junta statement.

During the raid, five police officers were killed and their weapons were taken, according to the regime.

Pale People’s Defense Force (PDF) claimed to have attacked around 80 junta troops traveling on the Pale-Gangaw highway in the Sagaing Region township on Monday morning.

A combined deployment of the Pale PDF and other civilian resistance groups ambushed junta troops at two locations on the highway using 43 landmines.

During the attacks, 34 junta troops were killed and more than 30 wounded, said Pale PDF.

On Monday morning, a combined PDF deployment in Katha Township, Sagaing Region, attacked an estimated 200 regime troops in a convoy. Around 20 junta soldiers were killed and a PDF member was injured, according to the Katha PDF.

On Monday evening, a force of four civilian resistance groups raided regime troops stationed at a government office in Monywa, the capital of Sagaing Region.

Four junta soldiers were killed with head shots and a civilian fighter received minor injuries, a resident told The Irrawaddy.

The Kawlin Revolution (KR), the media wing of the Kawlin PDF, said a firefight between the regime forces and the Kawlin PDF broke out in the township on Monday evening. The casualties are unknown.

By dropping reinforcements from helicopters, the regime forces raided villages and shelled civilian targets in Kawlin. The KR said around 10,000 residents from three villages have fled their homes due to junta raids and shelling.

Some villagers have died in junta raids, the KR said.

On Monday evening, 15 members of the Yaw Eagle Team, a civilian resistance group using old-fashioned, homemade hunting guns and single-barrel shotguns, ambushed a military convoy of 32 vehicles traveling on the Gangaw-Kale highway in Gangaw Township, Magwe Region.

During the ambush, eight junta soldiers were killed and all the resistance fighters escaped unharmed, said the resistance group.

On Monday afternoon, the Gangaw PDF attacked a military convoy on the highway in Gangaw Township using landmines. Five junta soldiers were killed and around seven others wounded, said the group.

Ten junta soldiers were killed an armored vehicle was damaged in fighting between regime forces and the Chin Defense Force (CDF) in Mindat on the Mindat-Matupi highway in Chin State on Monday afternoon, according to the media.

More than 60 junta soldiers have been reportedly been killed on the highway in fighting with the CDF in Mindat in the past four days.

Fierce firefights between regime forces and Karenni civilian armed forces continued in Pekon Township, Shan State, on Monday, according to the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF).

Regime forces torched villagers’ houses and some resistance fighters received minor injuries while the military casualties are unknown.

The KNDF said residents fled their homes as regime forces shelled residential areas of Pekon on Monday.

Except for Rakhine State, PDFs and some ethnic armed groups have escalated operations against junta forces across the country.

Meanwhile, the regime has continued to commit atrocities, including bombarding residential areas, looting and burning houses, the arbitrary killing of civilians and using civilians as human shields, especially in Magwe and Sagaing regions and Chin, Shan and Kayah states.

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