38 Junta Soldiers Reported Killed in Upper Myanmar

By The Irrawaddy 7 February 2022

At least 38 junta soldiers were reportedly killed on Sunday when People’s Defense Forces (PDF) conducted a number of daring attacks in Sagaing Region, including using drones to bomb regime troops.

On Sunday evening, around 20 soldiers were killed and many injured when Kalay-PDF ambushed a detachment of 60 regime troops with mines while they were travelling to Kale Township from a village in Sagaing Region, claimed Kalay-PDF.

The resistance group said the attack was in response to the regime’s arbitrary shelling of Tinthar Village in the south of Kale Township on Sunday morning, when junta forces deployed at Kyantha and Hantharwadi villages deliberately shelled nearby Tinthar Village without provocation.

10 villagers including a child were injured in the artillery strike and five houses burned down. At least four of the villagers hurt suffered serious injuries.

Residents from five nearby villages were also forced to flee their homes because of the junta shelling, said Kalay-PDF.

Also in Sagaing Region, Katha-PDF claimed to have killed at least 16 junta soldiers on Sunday morning when a combined force of resistance groups from Katha Township continued their attacks on military regime forces stationed near Nantsann Village.

Katha-PDF said that it used more than 50 explosives to attack the junta troops and that one of the resistance groups managed to attack the regime forces from close range. Two Katha-PDF fighters were injured in the three hour-long clash.

The remains of houses after regime forces burned down Hlawgargyi Village in Pale Township, Sagaing Region on Friday. Photo- CJ

On Saturday, the combined resistance forces also clashed with junta soldiers near Nantsann Village and reported that there were many military casualties.

A combined force of three resistance groups based in Sagaing’s Shwebo Township claimed to have killed two junta soldiers on Sunday after using a drone to bomb regime troops in two villages.

The PDFs used a drone to bomb regime forces giving military training to pro-junta Pyu Saw Htee militia members in Myinchin Village on Sunday morning. Two regime soldiers were killed in the attack, according to Snake Eyes, one of the PDFs involved.

Snake Eyes said that it conducted another drone attack on junta soldiers and Pyu Saw Htee militia based at Taethetaw Village in Shwebo Township on Sunday evening. However, military casualties are unknown.

A video shows the drone dropping a homemade bomb on military targets.

Kani-PDF also said that it used a drone on Sunday morning to drop three bombs on regime forces and Pyu Saw Htee members deployed at Yaylalkyun Village in Sagaing’s Kani Township. It is not known if there were any casualties.

Resistance fighters of Kani-PDF during an operation in Kani Township, Sagaing Region in late January. Photo-Kani-PDF (KLG)

On Saturday night, Kani-PDF also bombed junta police sentries in Kani’s No. 3 ward.

On the same night, a combined force of PDFs from Pale, Myaing and Kani townships attacked regime troops deployed at the Pale Township general administration office and police station.

Two well-known junta informants were killed in the attack and many regime soldiers were injured, claimed the PDFs.

In response, junta forces randomly opened fire on residential areas and torched 10 houses, according to residents. At least eight civilians were reportedly killed, locals claimed.

Currently, the military regime is facing daily attacks from PDFs and ethnic armed organizations nationwide, with the exception of Rakhine State.

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