2 Police Officers Detained After Argument Ends in Gunfire

By Zarni Mann 17 August 2018

MANDALAY — Two police officers in Mandalay were detained on Thursday after an argument between them ended in gunfire. One of the men was taken to receive medical treatment at Mandalay General Hospital for minor injuries.

According to officers from the No. 7 police station in Maha Aungmyay, police corporal Soe Lin and police private Ye Yint Aung fought before they were supposed to go out on night patrol on Thursday at about 9 p.m.

Police officers said the police private opened fire with a 12 gauge shotgun and the police corporal was injured in his right thigh, left ear and forehead.

“The police corporal is receiving medical treatment at Mandalay General Hospital. He is stable, as the injuries were not life-threatening,” the duty officer from No.7 police station told The Irrawaddy.

The two policemen were from the Kyaukpadaung and Ngazun township police stations. They were participating in “operation Eagle,” a district-level operation in Mandalay that deals with security and narcotics.

“Police private Ye Yint Aung was detained at the No. 7 police station where the incident happened, and the case is under investigation. Since the incident was between police officers, we cannot disclose details of the case at this time. However, we will take action against them under the police law,” said police colonel Myo Aung of the Mandalay district police station.

According to the police colonel, the two policemen will be questioned and brought to police court in Mandalay district. Their punishment could range from three to five years, with possible dismissal from their rank and duties as police.

De Hlaing Winn from The Irrawaddy Burmese edition contributed to this story.