China's Wuhan Says It Has Tested Almost a Third of Its Residents for Coronavirus

By Reuters 15 May 2020

SHANGHAI/BEIJING—The Chinese city of Wuhan said on Friday it had tested over 3 million of its 11 million residents for the coronavirus, as it seeks to test its entire population after a cluster of new cases raised fears of a second wave of infections.

The Chinese city at the center of the outbreak said it plans to conduct nucleic acid tests for all residents in an attempt to assess asymptomatic numbers, according to a Thursday report by the official Xinhua news agency.

The report said Wuhan had identified several asymptomatic cases every day recently.

Asymptomatic cases are where people test positive for the disease, but show no outward signs of the disease.

China reported four new coronavirus cases on May 14, up from three cases a day earlier, the National Health Commission said in a statement on Friday.

All of the new cases were locally transmitted and the number of new asymptomatic cases fell slightly to 11 from 12 a day earlier.

The total number of cases in mainland China now stands at 82,933, while the death toll remained unchanged at 4,633.

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