Wedding Fashion Fair to Showcase ASEAN Designers

By Lwin Mar Htun 9 May 2018

With Myanmar’s wedding season almost here, Sule Shangri-La Yangon will hold the “Iconic Inspirations” wedding and lifestyle fair at its ballroom on May 26 and 27.

What sets this fair apart is that it will showcase the best of the best from the local wedding industry alongside outstanding designers from the ASEAN region, including the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase (AFDS) group.

“We are collaborating in order to exchange cultures and design techniques among different countries,” said designer Ma Myint Zu, who serves as an ambassador for AFDS.

She added, “This wedding show is the first collaboration with talented ASEAN designers in Myanmar. People will get to see our diverse creations.”

The wedding fair will showcase dresses by 13 fashion designers including four local artists: Mogok Pouk Pouk, Ma Myint Zu, Latt Latt and Charlotte Barjou, a French designer based in Myanmar.

“Iconic Inspirations” will bring together modern and traditional Burmese wedding dresses. A high tea and opening show will be held at 2 p.m. on the first day of this celebration of love featuring Ma Myint Zu, Latt Latt and Charlotte Borjou.

In the evening, Mogok Pauk Pauk will close the day with a gala cocktail show at 6 p.m. with the special participation of Laotian designer Lasavong Bandid, a member of AFDS.

The second day will be a celebration of the best dresses of ASEAN, with the members of the Fashion Designers Showcase bringing to Yangon examples of their wedding culture and evening couture in two fashion shows.

Ma Myint Za said, “Both traditional and evening wedding dresses can be seen in my collection for this show, for which I have used palm colors. As you know, dark colors are not typically used for weddings. So I will go with a simple and traditional, classic look.”

On the first day, she said, models will display 10 of her traditional Myanmar wedding dresses and evening gowns.

“Even though the wedding cultures [in ASEAN countries] are different, we can still share them. Plus, here in Yangon, people are putting on weddings with different themes nowadays. So, I hope people who love new things will enjoy these wedding fashions,” she said.

The wedding fair is aimed at promoting greater cross-cultural and creative collaborations between designers from Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Throughout the two-day event, the hotel will showcase distinct wedding experiences. The hotel’s wedding-planning experts will be on hand to meet couples interested in Sule Shangri-La Yangon’s signature wedding packages and cakes, and exclusive honeymoon offers.

Couples who confirm wedding dates at the event will receive a 10-percent discount.

Admission to the wedding fair is free.