A Taste of Vietnam on Offer at Sedona Hotel Yangon

By Lwin Mar Htun 6 March 2019

Sedona Hotel Yangon’s all-day restaurant D’Cuisine is this month offering authentic Vietnamese dishes prepared by guest Chef Tang Tu Vinh Quang, head chef at Sedona Suites in Ho Chi Minh City.

“Nowadays, Vietnamese cuisine is becoming more and more well-known because of its unique blend of flavorful, healthy ingredients, which many people enjoy,” Chef Tang said at a media tasting event at Sedona Hotel Yangon on March 5.

As Chef Tang pointed out, Myanmar people are already familiar with popular signature Vietnamese dishes like pho and fresh spring rolls, also known as cold rolls.

The chef prepares fresh spring rolls in front of guests. / Htet Wai

“There is so much more to delight their taste buds, even in the other, lesser-known Vietnamese dishes,” he added.

D’Cuisine’s special Vietnamese cuisine counter is offering beef salad, fresh spring rolls, beef or chicken noodle pho, Hue noodle soup and many other authentic dishes.

At the tasting event, Chef Tang offered members of the media a few tips for making fresh spring rolls—something that’s much harder than it looks. But it was a lot of fun and really quite interesting; all the ingredients you need can be found at the local market.

Popular Vietnamese noodle pho and fresh spring rolls. / Htet Wai

For many people, fresh spring rolls are a particular favorite; they can be eaten as an appetizer or as a healthy lunch. The main ingredient is rice paper. The first step is to make the rice paper soft with hot or cold water. Then place lettuce, mint leaves, cooked rice vermicelli noodles, fresh sprouts, shaved carrot, boiled pork and prawns on the rice paper and slowly wrap them. With that, you’ve got your own fresh, healthy spring rolls. Eat them with chili sauce and garlic mixed together.

At the Vietnamese counter, chefs will roll them right in front of you. They’re really delicious and leave you with a natural, fresh taste in your mouth.

Another well-known dish is the Vietnamese noodle soup called pho. At the counter it is served with chicken, as not everyone enjoys beef.

The pho at D’Cuisine is prepared with noodles brought from Vietnam. The dish is served with chicken and onion. It’s a bit oily, and while the taste was great, I prefer beef pho served with mint leaves.

Desserts are displayed at the Vietnamese cuisine counter. / Htet Wai

“Most Vietnamese dishes contain fish sauce. It’s included in every dish and we use more beef [than some other cuisines]. You can see most of our dishes are cooked with beef,” Chef Tang said.

Another great authentic Vietnamese dish is beef salad, which is similar to Thai beef salad, but contains fish sauce. The chef cuts the beef into small strips and cooks them, then blends them with onion, mint leaves and chopped chili. The dish is not too oily and the meat is really tender, complemented perfectly by the mint leaves.

The counter offers many other dishes including desserts. “I hope that guests will enjoy what we have to offer,” Chef Tang said.

While Myanmar people are already somewhat familiar with Vietnamese dishes, there are few Vietnamese restaurants in Yangon. So don’t miss this opportunity to sample authentic flavors from the country.

The special offer will be available throughout March at Sedona Hotel Yangon’s D’Cuisine restaurant. For prices, check the hotel’s Facebook page.