Eat Till You're Full:  Brunch at Babett

By Lwin Mar Htun 23 February 2018

YANGON — Babett, a mainly Spanish and Mediterranean-themed restaurant at Hotel G, is offering a new brunch set menu for those who like to combine their breakfast and lunch.

The restaurant was busy when I arrived on a recent day at noon.

Babett’s interior is a perfect match for its name, which means ‘a young lady,’ with its colorful theme, comfy couches and a combination of regular and high tables. It also has an outdoor area.

The interior of Babett. / Supplied

Inside, the walls are decorated with vintage Burmese artwork and antiques.

The five-course brunch set menu is available on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and runs 40,000 kyats ($30) per person.

Each course includes a selection of items to choose from, and customers can pick up to two items per course.

For the Starters, I went with the tealeaf salad and the Spanish ham croquetas. These items didn’t take long to prepare and reached the table in 15 minutes.

Tealeaf salad is on of my favorite-foods list and I was dying to know how they prepare traditional Burmese dishes in this Spanish-themed restaurant.

They did not disappoint. The salad was very good because it wasn’t too oily and they used good quality leaves.

The Spanish ham croquetas, a cooked ball of potato and ham, tasted rich, sweet and so soft.

The mimosa eggs. / Supplied

The next category was Eggs, and I asked for recommendations. The staff chose the mimosa eggs and the 64-degree egg with espuma of grilled bread.

Their chef visited the tables asking customers if they wanted anything else and explaining the ingredients and how the items were cooked. I thought the service was cool and friendly.

He said the mimosa eggs were a customer favorite, even with kids.

True to his word, the eggs were very good but a little bit too salty for my taste.

I preferred the 64-degree egg, which was served with spinach and tasted rich. I wondered at how carefully they must have had to cook the egg and place it on top of the bread and vegetables.

The 64-degree egg. / Supplied

For Pizzetta & Pastas, I chose their signature G pizza. Topped with tomato sauce, Serrano ham, pepperoni, mozzarella and olives, it smelled amazing and was one of my favorites of the brunch.

It was then time for the main course, Babett’s Sunday Special, and I ordered the Mediterranean sea bass papillote. Even though I was nearly full, I still wanted to try a bit of each course I had left.

By this time the restaurant was super busy and the orders took a little too long. On the other hand, the wait gives you more time to chat with friends and digest the last course.

The sea bass arrived and I could tell the fish was fresh after just one bite. It tasted sweet and the raw tomato gravy was not sour, pairing perfectly with the fish. This dish was really something special and I would go back to have it again.

The Deserts were still left, but I was already full, having also had a glass of wine.

The brunch set menu includes a free flow of juice, cocktails and sparkling wine. So if you love sparkling wine, this set menu is perfect for you.

The exterior of Babett. / Supplied

Their brunch is not a buffet, but it has many items to choose from and you are sure to leave super full. The food is very good and the staff is friendly and willing to help you with your orders.

The brunch set menu is served every Sunday at Babett, located at the top of Yawmingyi Road, beside the Park Royal Hotel Yangon. The menu items may vary from week to week.