Celebrating Pinoy Flavors in the Heart of Yangon

By Lwin Mar Htun 13 June 2019

YANGON—Sule Shangri-La Yangon is offering a taste of the rich diversity of Filipino foods at an event called Feast on Pinoy Flavors, which is only served for dinner and features culinary creations by guest Filipino chef JR Royol.

Guest Chef JR Royol. / Htet Wai / The Irrawaddy

Filipino food has its own story to tell and the cuisine is rich and flavorful. Chef JR’s menu reflects modern variations of his native cuisine and he cooks the dishes with an aim of balancing them with the local taste.

Filipino cuisine is a mix of Indian, Chinese, Spanish and American influences. Some of their dishes use a lot of tomato gravy like Spanish, some dishes are rich like American cuisine and some have strong smells like Indian.

Filipino dishes served at the buffet. / Htet Wai / The Irrawaddy

Among Chef JR’s menu items an appetizer called Tinapa Croquettes, a Filipino style smoked fish croquette was one of my favorites. It’s a mix of fish and mashed potatoes dipped in beaten eggs then deep fried. Croquettes are already my favorite and these Filipino style smoked fish croquettes are a little different to other styles. The smoked fish smell makes it more mouthwatering and the rich flavor is great.

Another dish is called Hito at Ginataang Kamote. It is a Filipino dish of catfish and sweet potato in coconut milk. They use coconut milk as a gravy in many dishes. The smell and combination of all ingredients taste amazing. The catfish is perfectly cooked in the coconut milk and the fish meat holds together in layers. This one is their most popular one and Filipinos love this as a main dish.

Seafood is also available for seafood lovers. / Htet Wai / The Irrawaddy

Whole Roasted Pork Leg is also great and the golden pork leg is crispy on the outer skin but the meat is soft and chewy. It’s served with its own sauce and is the perfect combination.

Most of the dishes are meat dishes and there are only a few vegetables dishes. There are over 20 Filipino dishes prepared by Chef JR served along with other Shangri-La international dishes including sushi, sashimi, European food, salads and others.

Diners enjoying the diversity of Filipino foods at Cafe Sule. / Htet Wai / The Irrawaddy

At the dessert counter, don’t forget to try Saging at Langka Turon, a fried Filipino spring roll dessert made of thinly sliced bananas. It’s served with chocolate cream. It’s so sweet but a bit sour because of the banana slices and the taste is perfect.

So if you want to try the diversity of Filipino foods and culture, you don’t need to go the Philippines. Sule Shangri-La offers a chance to taste all the favorite Filipino dishes in Yangon.

Cakes at the dessert counter. / Htet Wai / The Irrawaddy

Feast On Pinoy Flavors is available from June 11 to 17 at Café Sule and it costs US$36 net per person. Please make sure to book before you go there because the restaurant is always busy.

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