Karenni State is Burma’s smallest, both in terms of land mass and population. The 2010 election saw the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) sweep every seat, though the vote was widely viewed as flawed and polls were not held in some parts of the state due to ethnic armed conflict and instability.

Three parties claiming to represent the interests of the state’s ethnic Karenni population have pledged to ally in the upcoming national election, hoping to win more seats by cooperating rather than competing for votes.

Karenni State returns seven lawmakers to the Union Parliament’s Lower House and 12 to the Upper House. The regional legislature is made up of 15 elected parliamentarians, including one ethnic affairs representative, and five appointed military MPs.

  • Loikaw
  • Demoso
  • Hpruso
  • Shadaw
  • Bawlakhe
  • Hpasawng
  • Mese
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The All Nationals’ Democracy Party (Kayah State) is one of 11 parties to contest the November general election in Burma’s smallest state, Karenni, and claims a membership of more than 1,500...

The Kayah Unity Democracy Party says it has a membership of 25,000 cadres and is contesting more than 20 seats in the upcoming election.

The National League for Democracy was born out of the political tumult of 1988, when a massive pro-democracy uprising rocked the nation and toppled the government of Gen. Ne Win. It subsequently...

The National Unity Party says its boasts a membership of about 500,000 and has offices in 306 of Burma’s 330 townships. The party is likely to be one of the most pervasive presences on the campaign...

The ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) was formed in 2010 to contest the general election that year as a political vehicle for many of Burma’s former military leaders. The party...

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No Election Watershed for Ethnic Minorities: Report

Research finds that for ethnic minorities, Burma’s much-anticipated election will do little to remedy decades-extant political, economic and social grievances, regardless of its outcome.