Burma’s poorest and least densely populated administrative jurisdiction, Chin State is officially home to 53 ethnic minority subgroups of the majority-Christian Chin. The state’s diversity has brought an array of ethnic political parties to the 2015 electoral contest, with many parties fielding candidates in races at the state or Union level.

Given its relative poverty and dearth of infrastructure, constituent demands—and candidates’ campaign promises—are likely to put emphasis on how best to direct funds toward the state’s development. Unlike other regions on Burma’s peripheries, Chin State has seen little in the way of armed conflict since the government signed a ceasefire agreement with the Chin National Front (CNF) in 2012.

Chin State returns nine lawmakers to the Union Parliament’s Lower House and 12 to the Upper House. The regional legislature is made up of 18 elected MPs, with no ethnic affairs representatives and six military MPs.

  • Falam
  • Hakha
  • Thantlang
  • Tedim
  • Tonzang
  • Mindat
  • Matupi
  • Kanpetlet
  • Paletwa
အဓိက ပါတီမ်ား

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