Bahan Township, Rangoon Division
#2 | April 29, 2010
Current Seats
5 အမျိုးသားလွှတ်တော်, 12 ပြည်သူ့လွှတ်တော်, 46 Regional
Contested Seats
97 Upper, 205 Lower, 442 Regional

The National Unity Party says its boasts a membership of about 500,000 and has offices in 306 of Burma’s 330 townships. The party is likely to be one of the most pervasive presences on the campaign trail nationwide, fielding more than 750 candidates in total.

In 1990, the NUP was the proxy party of the military and Gen. Ne Win’s Burma Socialist Programme Party (BSPP), and as such was the National League for Democracy’s primary adversary in nationwide elections that year. A landslide NLD victory in that poll and the NUP’s abysmal showing—winning only 10 of the 413 seats it contested—would lead the military to annul the results, bringing another two decades of military rule to the country. The NUP returned to contest the 2010 general election and fielded the second-most candidates after only the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), which won a majority of seats in a contest boycotted by the NLD. The NUP won 64 of the 995 races it contested.

The NUP told The Irrawaddy that it had prioritized women and young people in compiling its candidate list for the 2015 general election, but ultimately female candidates make up just over 10 percent of the party ticket. As a party, the NUP says it will “heed the aspirations of the people, such as decentralization, liberty and human rights, poverty reduction, stable commodity prices, the elimination of bribery and protecting the rights of farmers.”

* States and divisions in red indicate that the party is fielding candidates at the Union or regional level in that jurisdiction. In addition to the 442 seats the party is contesting in state and divisional legislatures, it is fielding candidates for 12 ethnic affairs minister posts to serve in regional governments' cabinets.

National Unity Party (NUP) Flag
Major Players
  • Than Tin

    Party Chairman

  • Tun Yi

    Central Committee Member

Political parties including Burma’s main opposition enlist young guns to carry their banners in the election, hoping new blood will help propel them to victory.

The 1990 Election: Sorting Fact from Fiction

As election day approaches, it is worth remembering what happened the last time Burma had a free and fair poll, says Bertil Lintner.

USDP Eyes Big Wins in Burma’s Rice Bowl

Several prominent figures from the USDP’s central executive committee are likely to emerge triumphant as they seek election in Irrawaddy Division.

Militia Leader Orders NLD Out of Kachin State Races

A militia leader turned lawmaker in northern Kachin State orders candidates for the opposition National League for Democracy not to campaign in his constituency.

11 Candidates Rejoin the Race After UEC Appeal

Seven other candidates who sought a final appeal with the Union Election Commission remain disqualified from the Nov. 8 poll.

As Election Nears, Parliament to Take Up Impeachment Bill

Parliament will discuss legislation on recalling lawmakers, an increasingly contentious proposition that could see sparks fly against the backdrop of a ruling party power struggle.

Nearly 6,200 Parliament Hopefuls File to Contest Election

A whopping 6,189 candidates apply to contest the nearly 1,200 seats up for grabs between the Union Parliament and regional legislatures in Burma’s general election.
Party Politics

Political Parties Sign Election Code of Conduct

Nearly 70 of Burma’s political parties sign an election Code of Conduct aimed at ensuring ethical electioneering in the lead up to the historic vote.

Political Parties Pilot Gender Quotas

Burma is far from reaching gender parity in governance, but some political parties have begun adopting voluntary policies to empower women in Parliament.