Bahan Township, Rangoon
#47 | Jan. 5, 2012
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Current Seats
5 အမျိုးသားလွှတ်တော်, 37 ပြည်သူ့လွှတ်တော်, 3 Regional
Contested Seats
163 Upper, 318 Lower, 620 Regional
"Time for Change"

The National League for Democracy was born out of the political tumult of 1988, when a massive pro-democracy uprising rocked the nation and toppled the government of Gen. Ne Win. It subsequently contested an election in 1990 and emerged victorious in a landslide, winning 392 of 485 seats. The election was nullified by the military regime and party leader Aung San Suu Kyi went on to spend much of the next two decades under house arrest. The party boycotted the 2010 election but decided to join a by-election in 2012, winning 43 of the 44 seats it contested.

Since entering Parliament, the NLD has focused on campaigning for constitutional reform, an effort that largely fell flat when changes were put to a vote earlier this year. If elected, the party says it will prioritize national reconciliation, establishing rule of law and internal peace, as well as continue its push to amend the Constitution.

Claiming a membership of two million people, the party has 313 branch offices across the country.

* States and divisions in red indicate that the party is fielding candidates at the Union or regional level in that jurisdiction. In addition to the 620 seats the party is contesting in state and divisional legislatures, it is fielding candidates for all 29 ethnic affairs minister posts to serve in regional governments' cabinets.

National League for Democracy (NLD) Flag
Major Players
  • Aung San Suu Kyi

    The Nobel laureate and National League for Democracy chairwoman entered Parliament in 2012, but will not be eligible for the presidency following elections in November, much to the disappointment of her many supporters at home and abroad.

  • Tin Oo

    A former Burma Armed Forces commander in chief turned NLD party patron, Tin Oo quashed speculation that he had presidential ambitions in an interview with The Irrawaddy in July.

Other Notables
  • Zin Mar Aung
  • Nay Phone Latt
  • Pyone Cho
  • Susanna Hla Hla Soe
  • Win Htein
  • Nyan Win
  • Ma Thandar

Forgive Those Who Wronged Us, Suu Kyi Tells NLD

Aung San Suu Kyi has urged elected candidates from the NLD to join hands with those once responsible for persecuting members of the party.
Of all the disadvantages candidates face in the mountainous state, a number of contenders said transportation is by far the biggest challenge.
Both sides agreed to follow the people’s wish to collaborate for the country’s stability, rule of law, national unity and development.
- Burma Army, following a meeting between military commander-in-chief Snr-Gen Min Aung Hlaing and NLD chairwoman Aung San Suu Kyi

Forgive Those Who Wronged Us, Suu Kyi Tells NLD

Aung San Suu Kyi has urged elected candidates from the NLD to join hands with those once responsible for persecuting members of the party.

NLD Tight-Lipped as Suu Kyi Starts Military Rapprochement

Burma’s opposition reveals little about Aung San Suu Kyi’s talks with the country’s top general, citing the need for goodwill with its future government partners.

Thein Sein, Min Aung Hlaing Agree to Meet Suu Kyi

The president and commander-in-chief have agreed to separately meet with the NLD leader, ending nearly three weeks of uncertainty in the wake of the election.

Suu Kyi Confirms Meeting with Grandson of Ex-Dictator

Aung San Suu Kyi acknowledged Thursday to meeting the grandson of ex-dictator Snr-Gen Than Shwe last week, without divulging the content of the discussion.

Suu Kyi, Shwe Mann Vow Peaceful Power Transfer

Aung San Suu Kyi meets Shwe Mann, with the two powerful parliamentarians agreeing to help ensure a peaceful power transfer following the NLD’s election victory.

Victorious NLD Candidate in Naypyidaw Legal Tangle    

National League for Democracy MP-elect Thant Zin Tun is both facing and fielding legal complaints over pre-poll and election day conduct in Naypyidaw’s Dekkhinathiri Township.

From Political Prisoner to Political Office

Not only will the National League for Democracy form the next government in 2016, but the next parliament will see more than 100 political prisoners in its ranks.

Business Leaders See Brighter Future in NLD Win

Industry insiders say they expect the NLD’s victory will lead to the easing of remaining sanctions, along with a spike in foreign investment and economic aid.

NLD Wins Supermajority, Will Form Next Government

Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy secures the parliamentary supermajority that the party needs to select Burma’s next president.

NLD to Select Two VPs, With Presidency in Reach

The National League for Democracy wins the power to choose two of the country’s vice presidents, and increasingly looks likely to also pick the president.

NLD Urges Calm, Warns of Possible Instigators

Following a sweeping victory in the polls, Burma’s victorious NLD party urges its supporters to keep calm and avoid conflict.

Suu Kyi Vows to Call Shots After Election Landslide

As vote tallies trickle in, Suu Kyi’s NLD looks set to take control and form the government, a triumph that will reshape the political landscape.

NLD Claims to Have Secured a Majority of Union Seats

While official results are still being announced intermittently by the UEC, the NLD claims to have secured a majority of Union Parliament seats.

Cronies Crushed as NLD Claims Key Constituencies

A number of so-called “crony” candidates are the first to fall when faced with an opposition party that is able and willing to contest.

Election Commission Rejects NLD’s Thein Sein Complaint

The election commission has thrown out an opposition complaint against Thein Sein which alleged the president had campaigned for the USDP ahead of Sunday’s vote.

Ignore Threats, Suu Kyi Tells Coco Islands Voters

Aung San Suu Kyi has urged voters living on the Coco Islands not to be intimidated by threats reported by locals ahead of Sunday’s landmark election.

NLD Takes on Nationalists in Southern Arakan

The Arakan National Party expects a wave of nationalism to bring sweeping victory in Arakan State, while the NLD eyes southern constituencies.

Suu Kyi Says Will Be Above President in New Government

Burma’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi says she will be “above the president” if her party wins a historic election on Nov. 8.

Rumors and Rumination: The NLD’s Possible Presidents

Should the National League for Democracy win the necessary majority in the Nov. 8 poll, the next question is: who will the party put forward for the top post?

Mandalay Turns Red on Full Moon Day

A group of singers and celebrities graced the stage in Mandalay Wednesday as part of a township-hopping tour in support of Burma’s main opposition party.

Suu Kyi Continues Arakan Voter Drive in Thandwe

Aung San Suu Kyi has urged prospective voters not to be swayed by the ethnic and religious divisions that have plagued Arakan State.

NLD Candidate Told No Canvassing of Naypyidaw Civil Servants

Naypyidaw’s electoral subcommission bars a sitting National League for Democracy lawmaker from campaigning door to door in the civil servants’ quarters of Zabuthiri Township.

Plan for Anti-Suu Kyi Rally in Arakan Aborted

Police in Arakan State say a group of outsiders have rescinded an attempt to protest against campaign stop by opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Barred From Coco Islands, NLD Sees Dirty Campaign Tricks

The Coco Islands become the unlikely focus of allegations that Burma’s government is spiking the chances of democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi’s opposition party.

In War-Torn Kachin, Suu Kyi Sells NLD as Party for Peace

Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi tours war-torn Kachin State, urging voters to choose her National League for Democracy to better prospects for regional peace.

NLD Says Party to Meet With UEC on Campaign Disputes

Burma’s Union Election Commission agrees to meet the National League for Democracy amid a spate of alleged campaign violations against the opposition party.

USDP Eyes Big Wins in Burma’s Rice Bowl

Several prominent figures from the USDP’s central executive committee are likely to emerge triumphant as they seek election in Irrawaddy Division.

NLD, Ma Ba Tha in War of Words Over Campaign Claims

A growing dispute pits the National League for Democracy against the influential Buddhist nationalist group, which Burma’s largest opposition party accuses of violating election law.

Militia Leader Orders NLD Out of Kachin State Races

A militia leader turned lawmaker in northern Kachin State orders candidates for the opposition National League for Democracy not to campaign in his constituency.

NLD Accuses Ma Ba Tha of Unlawful Influence

Burma’s main opposition party alleges that the Buddhist nationalist group distributed print materials and delivered sermons defaming the NLD and attempting to influence the electorate.

Suu Kyi: We Want to Work with the Military

The NLD leader has called on the military to allow constitutional change and respect the results of November’s elections.

Pathein NLD Downplays Defections to Ruling Party

A former party official says the mass resignation of NLD members, who subsequently joined the USDP, was motivated by the ruling party’s flood relief works.

Suu Kyi Hits the Campaign Trail in Kawhmu

Aung San Suu Kyi has begun campaigning in her home constituency of Kawhmu, targeting the seat’s only USDP stronghold.

Ma Ba Tha: NLD is the Party of ‘Islamists’

Celebrating the passage of the race and religion laws, Ma Ba Tha warns that the NLD will attempt to repeal the controversial measures if the party wins November’s elections.

Principle Over Detail in NLD Election Manifesto

The National League for Democracy’s platform touches on many of the party’s familiar themes without going into detail on legislative and administrative reform.