Tamwe Township, Rangoon
#6 | May 20, 2010
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Current Seats
2 Regional
Contested Seats
7 Upper, 16 Lower, 28 Regional
"To enable all the people of Myanmar to lead happy, friendly, tranquil and peaceful lives in the country, regardless of ethnic group, sex, religion, age, place of abode or wealth"

The Democratic Party (Myanmar) is a member of the Federal Democracy Alliance, a coalition of 11 political parties formed in late 2013 with the shared objectives of amending the Constitution to establish a federal system of governance; contributing to ongoing peace talks in Burma; and advancing a path for the country less dominated by its ethnic majority Burmans. Another goal of the alliance is to support small political parties’ ability to compete against Burma’s two biggest parties, the National League for Democracy (NLD) and the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP).

The party says it has a 50,000-strong membership and is fielding about 50 candidates in this year's general election, approximately the same number it put forward in 2010, when it won three seats in the Mandalay and Rangoon regional legislatures.

* States and divisions in red indicate that the party is fielding candidates at the Union or regional level in that jurisdiction.

Democratic Party (Myanmar) Flag
Major Players
  • Thu Wai

    The party chairman is running for election this year to a Lower House seat in Rangoon's Sanchaung Township.

  • Than Than Nu

    The daughter of Burma's first prime minister, U Nu, will also contest.

From stars to peacocks and bamboo hats, Burmese voters will face a dizzying array of similar party logos, names and colors on polling day.
Party Interview

‘Generals Don’t Go to War Without a Plan’

The Democratic Party (Myanmar) chairman discusses how his party plans to contest Burma’s general election, and asks him to divine the country’s political future.

Nearly 6,200 Parliament Hopefuls File to Contest Election

A whopping 6,189 candidates apply to contest the nearly 1,200 seats up for grabs between the Union Parliament and regional legislatures in Burma’s general election.
Party Politics

Political Parties Sign Election Code of Conduct

Nearly 70 of Burma’s political parties sign an election Code of Conduct aimed at ensuring ethical electioneering in the lead up to the historic vote.