Moulmein, Mon State
#13 | May 24, 2010
Current Seats
3 အမျိုးသားလွှတ်တော်, 3 ပြည်သူ့လွှတ်တော်, 9 Regional
Contested Seats
10 Upper, 8 Lower, 17 Regional

The All Mon Region Democracy Party is one of two major ethnic Mon parties to compete in the 2015 election. The party contested Burma’s 2010 election and won 16 seats in total, taking advantage of a boycott by the Mon National Party (MNP) to win over ethnic Mon voters in southeastern Burma, which otherwise went largely to the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP).

The AMDP says it has a 20,000-strong membership, with branch offices in 15 townships in Mon and Karen states, and Tenasserim Division. In 2010, the party won nearly half of the 34 seats it contested, but this year it will have to contend with its primary 2010 foe, the ruling USDP, as well as Burma’s main opposition party, the National League for Democracy, and the MNP; the latter two did not contest in 2010.

Like most ethnic parties, the AMDP says if elected it will continue to push for constitutional change. A related plank of the AMDP’s platform supports the establishment of a resource-sharing framework that will allow the people of Mon State to benefit from their state’s natural resources endowment.

The party has raised the profile of an issue advocated by many of the country’s ethnic minority groups: the teaching of ethnic languages in government-run primary schools. The effort that has met with some, albeit modest, success in Mon State.

In an interview with The Irrawaddy ahead of the election, an AMDP leader said the party would fight to ensure human rights for all Burma’s people; build national unity on the foundation of equality and self-determination; support multi-party democracy within the framework of a federal union; fight bribery and corruption; strive for socio-economic development in part by addressing endemic land-grabs; and prioritize rural development.

* States and divisions in red indicate that the party is fielding candidates at the Union or regional level in that jurisdiction.

All Mon Region Democracy Party (AMDP) Flag
Major Players
  • Naing Maung Thaik

    Party Chairman

  • Naing Hla Aung

    The AMDP's vice chairman-1 is running for the Lower House seat in Kyaikmayaw Township, Mon State.

  • Naing Chan Toik

    The vice chairman-2 is running for the Lower House seat in Ye Township, Mon State.


Mon Parties Count Their Losses after NLD Rout

The major ethnic Mon parties’ disappointing returns in races across the state may provoke a reassessment of their political aims in an NLD-led parliament.
In Mon State’s Mudon Township, a host of hopefuls competing for a seat in the local parliament face stiff competition from incumbent state chief Ohn Myint.
Amid the hype and optimism surrounding this historic event, the aspirations of many ethnic communities will remain unfulfilled unless fundamental, structural, institutional changes in governance take place.
- Burma Partnership, a Thailand-based advocacy group, in a report on ethnic politics released ahead of the election

Mon Parties Count Their Losses after NLD Rout

The major ethnic Mon parties’ disappointing returns in races across the state may provoke a reassessment of their political aims in an NLD-led parliament.

Mon Monks Endorse Candidates, Arousing Ire of Ethnic Parties

In some cases monks backed independent candidates competing against the state’s two main ethnic parties, causing concerns of further splintering the state’s already fractious politics.

No Election Watershed for Ethnic Minorities: Report

Research finds that for ethnic minorities, Burma’s much-anticipated election will do little to remedy decades-extant political, economic and social grievances, regardless of its outcome.

Mon Voters Left Out of Poll Amid ‘Security Concerns’

Residents of 33 villages in four village tracts in Kya-Inn Seikkyi Township will not cast ballots because the area lies beyond the centralized administrative authority.

Nearly 6,200 Parliament Hopefuls File to Contest Election

A whopping 6,189 candidates apply to contest the nearly 1,200 seats up for grabs between the Union Parliament and regional legislatures in Burma’s general election.

Mon Advocacy Group Urges Cross-Party Collaboration

A newly formed advocacy group calls on all Mon political parties to collaborate in order to maximize Mon representation in the post-elections parliament.
Party Politics

Political Parties Sign Election Code of Conduct

Nearly 70 of Burma’s political parties sign an election Code of Conduct aimed at ensuring ethical electioneering in the lead up to the historic vote.