The President vs. The Lady

Who are they and what do these two leaders mean to Burmese voters ahead of the upcoming general election?

The 1990 Election: Sorting Fact from Fiction

As election day approaches, it is worth remembering what happened the last time Burma had a free and fair poll, says Bertil Lintner.

The Military’s Multiple Methods of Control

Through key bulwarks—the constitution, proxy parties, militias and influence in institutions and the economy—the military retains its preeminent position.

Post-Poll Politicking Will Keep Voters on Edge

Burma’s collective political scars of 25 years ago will be acutely felt as the full electoral picture begins to take shape following the November 8 vote.
While Rangoon’s Hlaing Tharyar Township may be a particularly acute case of voter list inaccuracies, the problem is widespread, imperiling the general election’s credibility.

Tie a blindfold around a man’s eyes, spin him around three times,...


From Top Brass to a Bureaucratic Class

In this story from November 2014, The Irrawaddy looks back at a long tradition in Burma of installing military men in civil service positions.

Burmese Generals to Remain in the Long Game

The Burma Army is not going anywhere, which is why it’s so important for the democratic movement to prepare a long game of its own.