Burma’s Election Chair Placates His Critics

Few trusted Tin Aye when he first took up the role but the Union Election Commission chair deserves recognition for facilitating a credible nationwide poll.

Millions of Burmese Send a Clear Message

On election day, millions of voters around the country were ready, with their own hands, to turn a new page in the country’s history.

Opinion: Don’t Blame Suu Kyi for Military Straitjacket

Some criticisms of Suu Kyi have been fair, others have not. With the military guaranteed a commanding role into the future, she can expect more blame for things beyond her control.

A Reconciliation Agenda Should Follow Sunday’s Poll

Whatever the results of Sunday’s election, Burma’s new government should prioritize an agenda of reconciliation in 2016 that crosses ethnic and party lines.

In Burma, a Tale of Two Lawsuits

Even if the government becomes more representative, popular demands for justice will continue to be blocked by a judiciary that serves entrenched military interests.
While a victory by the National League for Democracy looks likely in Sunday’s elections, Myanmar Now explores several possible outcomes.

RANGOON — The outcome of the Nov. 8 elections will shape the direction of Burma’s democratic transition....


Can Burma’s Poll Drive Genuine Change?

What should voters expect of an election touted as the first credible vote since 1990? The answer may depend on whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist.

Our Time for Democracy

Much of the world takes democracy for granted, but for Burmese people, it has remained out of reach through successive eras of hardship and sacrifice. 

Tempered Expectations Ahead of Poll

Not everyone is planning on heading to the polls on Nov. 8, but all Burmese will be hoping for improved livelihoods under the next government.