Leaders Send Smiles in First Step Toward Transition

On Wednesday, Burma’s three most influential figures came together for initial discussions that could prove crucial for the country’s political future.

Burma’s Constitutional Collision Course

Burma’s generals got the Constitution they wanted, hence the NLD’s victory is unlikely to affect the country’s power structure with the military at its apex.
Supporters of Burma’s opposition party will withhold celebrations in lieu of further signs the government is committed to a genuine political transition.

RANGOON — Just over two weeks since voters turned out in droves for a peaceful general...

Both sides agreed to follow the people’s wish to collaborate for the country’s stability, rule of law, national unity and development.
- Burma Army, following a meeting between military commander-in-chief Snr-Gen Min Aung Hlaing and NLD chairwoman Aung San Suu Kyi

After the Vote, Time for Pledges to be Honored

After millions of Burmese voted for change, observers of all stripes will be watching to see that the current government passes on the political baton.

Send Burma Due Credit, But Keep up The Pressure

The conduct of Burma’s general election has given rise to much optimism, but the international community should stay watchful during the transition period.