Burma Votes 2015

It’s all still pretty new for Burma, this democracy stuff. Indeed many would even say using the term “democratic” remains a generous bestowment on the country’s quasi-civilian government. Nonetheless, the country has not seen this level of freedom in more than 50 years, and the Nov. 8 general election will prove to be a crucial test of the country’s ongoing democratic reformation.

In recent months, voter education efforts have been launched by political parties, the Union Election Commission (UEC) and civil society groups. Here, The Irrawaddy does its part to help foster an informed electorate.


What’s at Stake

With a total of 1,171 seats up for election on Nov. 8, a look at what's at stake for parliamentary contenders and the nation at large.

The Union Election Commission: An Overview

Burma's Union Election Commission is charged with carrying out the 2015 general election in a nonpartisan, free and fair manner.

Burma Votes? Not Necessarily

Arguably one of the least sensational and most important aspects of this election year to date has been the still unfolding saga of voter registration.