Mon Rights Group Gives Voice to Disenfranchised Voters

A new report focused on a no-vote area of Karen State says the presence of armed groups should not be used as a “blanket justification for poll closures.”

Thein Sein, Min Aung Hlaing Agree to Meet Suu Kyi

The president and commander-in-chief have agreed to separately meet with the NLD leader, ending nearly three weeks of uncertainty in the wake of the election.
Political parties welcome remarks by Suu Kyi that her administration will include ethnic minorities among its cabinet and promote national reconciliation.

RANGOON — A range of political parties in Burma have welcomed remarks by Aung San Suu Kyi,...


Suu Kyi Confirms Meeting with Grandson of Ex-Dictator

Aung San Suu Kyi acknowledged Thursday to meeting the grandson of ex-dictator Snr-Gen Than Shwe last week, without divulging the content of the discussion.

NLD Feels Weight of Public Expectations

Though people remain hopeful of what the next government may bring, many fear the sheer scale of political and economic problems facing the country will be too great.