Aung Thet Htwe
RANGOON — During the first-ever Yangon Art and Heritage Festival, the public had the chance this weekend to see works of art on display at private residences and galleries in Rangoon’s historic downtown in the spirit of the event’s “My Yangon My Home” theme. The project, called “La Casa: Contemporary Art in Domestic Spaces,” allowed foreigners and locals to gather at these locations on Saturday and Sunday. The La Casa concept was first developed in Beijing and was a curating project that exhibited diverse art forms in unconventional spaces like private houses, hospitals and schools from 2001-03. Among the domestic spaces in Rangoon was a three-story building on Sint O Dan Street in China town, built in the late 1800s. The Abadi Art Space also opened its doors for the weekend premiere of the event, highlighting Indian artwork and pieces from other international artists. [irrawaddy_gallery] The apartment of private art collector Bob Percival was on the circuit as well, offering a collection of Burmese postcards from the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s. At the Nann Nann Art Studio, artist Nann Nann showed visitors a series of colorful painting and collages, and explained the works’ origins and intent. The last stop for most was the residence of the British ambassador to Burma, Andrew Patrick, whose country’s embassy is helping to organize and support the March 1-22 festival.

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