Connections, Differences and Hungry Cats

By Wei Yan Aung 18 October 2018

YANGON—Train couplings and painted logs have long preoccupied the young artist Kyaw Kyaw Lwin, and images of them recur in his work. “I draw couplings to symbolize connection. It is intended to encourage mutual support and help between people,” he said.

The 25-year-old artist’s first solo exhibition, “Current of Samsara”, begins Oct. 20 at the Ahla Thit Gallery on University Avenue Road in Yangon’s Bahan Township.

Some of the works to be displayed in the “Current of Samsara” exhibition

In one work, “Difference”, a pile of logs can be seen, their cut ends painted in various colors. The message he wants to send is simple, he says. “Those colors represent the minds of people. Dirty colors may be above the clean colors. Similarly, honest people may be lower in their social status.”

His other favorite subjects are cats, fish and taps, often combined into a single work, such as one painting titled “Hope.” “The fish need water, and the cat is hungry. The cat likes fish. The fish needs water—but water is not coming from the tap. I have conveyed this idea in a surrealist style,” the artist said.

Some of the works to be displayed in the “Current of Samsara” exhibition

Over 30 paintings by Kyaw Kyaw Lwin will be on display from Oct. 20-24. They can be purchased at prices from 200,000 to 1.5 million kyats.

Kyaw Kyaw Lwin is a graduate of the Yangon State School of Fine Arts, and has participated in over 40 group shows.

“I hope my paintings give viewers some food for thought,” he said.