Beauty in Colors

By Wei Yan Aung 1 September 2017

After more than 10 years, modernist Ko Sid has finally found the beauty in colors. His first solo art exhibition will explore how colors create beauty, at OK Art Gallery in the north wing of Yangon’s Aung San Stadium from September 2 to 4.

“My paintings are mainly about color, about the beauty I find in colors when I feel a passionate enthusiasm for painting. This is the art of searching for beauty between consciousness and unconsciousness,” he said.

“I apply paint as I feel, and draw the lines,” said Ko Sid, one of a handful of young art collectors-cum-dealers in Myanmar.

The modernist, 34, said his idol is Kin Maung Yin, one of the leaders in the second generation of Myanmar’s modern art movement.

The self-taught artist has participated in more than a dozen group art exhibitions at home and abroad since 2011.

His exhibition “Beyond the Subconscious” will feature more than 30 oil paintings all priced at US$250.

Ko Sid, who is also the owner of Myanmar Ink Art Gallery, has discarded many of his paintings because he thought they were “not art enough.”

“Now, I feel like I can create the way that I feel. I’m satisfied with my work now,” he said.