Massive Highway Project Displaces Karen Communities: Rights Groups

The Asian Highway project is leading to increased militarization and the risk of armed conflict, say three ethnic Karen organizations.


Ethnic Shan advocacy organizations express opposition to the construction of hydropower dam projects on the Salween River in Shan State.

A vortex of vested interests runs up against the state counselor’s consolidation of decision-making power, in an increasingly complex peace process.

KNU Chairman Urges Military Readiness on Karen Martyrs’ Day

On Karen Martyrs’ Day, the chairman of the Karen National Union reminds the group that military preparations must be carried out amid ongoing political negotiations.

Suu Kyi’s announcement that the Union Peace Conference will take place on August 31 prompts questions, concerns and hesitation among ethnic armed groups.

At a workshop in Chiang Mai, ethnic armed groups signal concern at efforts to fast track certain processes simultaneously with political negotiations.

Preparations to enable the return of refugees on the Thai-Burma border raise concerns of indirect ‘pressure’ in light of unsafe environments for return.

Embassy Warns Burmese in Thailand About Pre-Referendum Crackdown

The embassy is alerting Burmese migrants in Thailand of a surge in police and army raids targeting migrants ahead of Thailand’s constitutional referendum.

Service centers for Burmese refugees voluntarily returning home are to be established in all nine Burmese refugee camps on the Thai-Burma border.

Stakeholders including the International Organization for Migration and the UNHCR discuss preparations for refugee repatriation from the Thai-Burma border.

A new system of food provision, using electronic cards, is being introduced at the end of this month for Burmese refugees living on the Thai-Burma border.

The UN’s refugee agency conducts a last call resettlement initiative for Burmese refugees living in Thailand who wish to resettle in the United States.

Ethnic Armed Groups Invite Ethnic Political Parties to Summit

An alliance of ethnic armed groups invites ethnic political parties to attend a summit in Kachin State in late July.

Signatories and non-signatories of the nationwide ceasefire agreement will meet to prepare for an ethnic summit, where groups will discuss building a federal union.

Ethnic Armed Groups to Meet Suu Kyi

The United Nationalities Federal Council, an alliance of nine ethnic armed groups, plans to send envoys to meet Aung San Suu Kyi in the run-up to ‘Panglong’

Burma Army Commander-in-Chief praises the ethnic armed groups that signed the nationwide ceasefire agreement, but accuses others of ‘expanding their forces.’

Snr-Gen Min Aung Hlaing says that he hopes for a successful Panglong Conference, and claims to be open to all ethnic armed groups.

Thailand and Burma agree to renew negotiations over disputed border demarcations, which had stalled under Burma’s previous government. 

CHIANG MAI, Thailand — Ethnic armed organizations plan to hold a summit in mid-July in the conflict-torn region of Mai Ja Yang in Kachin State, near the border with China, in order to discuss the upcoming 21st Century Panglong conference, according to sources close to the groups. Khuensai Jaiyen, an advisor to the Restoration Council […]

Wa National Organization Denies Involvement in Drug Trade

After a former leader of the Wa National Organization was arrested with a large cache of drugs in Thailand last week, the WNO denies trafficking links.

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