A Shan State MP sought to submit a proposal to Parliament that would help displaced children receive an education, but her efforts were denied.


The Burma Army’s refusal to halt its offensive campaigns has fueled skepticism and undermined the trust required for peace with ethnic armed groups.

According to Kachin and Shan community leaders, the Burma Army is responsible for killing and burning the bodies of several villagers in Shan State.

Woman Gunned Down in Hpakant’s Sai Taung Village 

A woman from a village tract in Hpakant Township’s Sai Taung village, in Kachin State, was gunned down by three men on Sunday, according to local sources.

The testimony of several senior army officers implicated in the double rape-murder of two Kachin teachers has not proceeded as planned, sources say.

More than a year after two Kachin women were raped and murdered in Shan State, crimes locals blame on Burma Army soldiers, four officers will testify.

Deadly Fighting Erupts in Shan State: Sources

A clash between Burma Army soldiers and the Shan State Army-North northeast of Mandalay reportedly kills 28 government soldiers and displaces 500 civilians.

China to Deport Kokang Refugees Back to Burma: Sources

Chinese authorities dismantle refugee shelters on the Burma border and threaten remaining Kokang displaced by fighting last year with deportation, citing “orders from higher up”

Parliament Proves Conflict-Averse, to Ethnic MPs’ Dismay

With the ruling party deferring on parliamentary deliberations of the recent conflict in western Burma, some say ethnic minorities’ constituents are being robbed of a voice.

Security Tightened as More Explosions Rattle Hpakant

Two bomb blasts at a police station in Kachin State’s Hpakant raze a pair of homes located on the compound, according to local sources

Religion Minister Seeks to Mollify Christians and Buddhists in Karen

Tensions between Buddhists and Christians ease as Minister of Religious Affairs and Culture visits Anglican church where monk built pagoda.

The Burma Army takes two Kachin Independence Army bases near Hpakant, where a series of explosions also rocked the town over the weekend.

As Conflict Reignites, TNLA Claims Gains at Shan Army’s Expense

The Ta’ang National Liberation Army claims to have retaken bases from the Shan State Army-South after fighting across eight locations in northern Shan State.

Landslides and flooding have destroyed hundreds of houses in Kachin State’s Chipwi Township, with rescue personnel struggling to reach the affected population.

A fire near Arakan State’s Sittwe Township leaves hundreds of Rohingya Muslims homeless after sweeping through parts of the Baw Du Ba IDP camp.

Snr-Gen Min Aung Hlaing attacks those who “may destroy the unity and weaken the strength of the army” in a wide-ranging speech to military officers.

Three members of the National League for Democracy meet United Wa State Army leaders as the new government begins delving into Burma’s fractious peace process.

Over 100 community leaders participate in a forum on ‘Interfaith Understanding and Peace Advocacy’ to reduce interreligious tension in Burma.

Col. Saw San Aung and dozens of Karen fighters trek through the jungle to combat the Burma Army, alongside Arakan Army soldiers.

Authorities in Arakan State require new permission procedures for members of the Rohingya minority to seek medical treatment in Rangoon.

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