In a village in Pegu Division, an altercation between a Muslim and a Buddhist triggers a riot that destroys a Muslim’s house, a mosque and a warehouse.

Despite Criticism, Suu Kyi Offers Hope to Rohingya

After traveling to Rohingya IDP camps for years, veteran reporter Lawi Weng reflects on the causes of discord.

A Burma Army unit commander orders the Karen National Liberation Army to withdraw from an outpost, but the ethnic armed group is refusing to budge.

Spokesman Zaw Htay has blamed the persecution of minority groups on the previous government, saying the UN should acknowledge the recent positive change.

Mon State Govt to Replace Brahminy Duck Statue, Removed by Former Junta

The Mon State government will replace the cultural symbol at the entrance to its capital, which was removed nine years ago by the former junta.

Burma Army Raids Mon National Liberation Army Base

In the midst of tensions over an annual local ‘donation drive’ by the Mon armed group, the Burma Army has conducted a raid in an otherwise stable area.

Those calling for the NLD government to prioritize the Arakan State crisis should consider the wider suffering caused by conflict across Burma.

Authorities Visit Disputed Coal Power Plant in Mon State

Authorities in Mon State visit a Thai cement factory where a coal power plant was built without informing locals or authorities.

Shan communities displaced by conflict have returned to villages where the Shan State Army-North has left but the Burma Army remains embedded.

In the first sign of conflict within Burma’s biggest Buddhist nationalist organization, two high-ranking monks descend to name-calling on Facebook.

Ethnic minority parliamentarians have criticized the apparent sidelining of minority language instruction in government schools.

Seven Shan Men Go Missing in Northern Shan State

The disappearance of seven Shan men follows a spate of unexplained killings in an area of continued conflict between Shan and Palaung armed groups.

Deaths of Three Ethnic Palaung Reveal Persisting Conflict in Shan State

The recent deaths of three ethnic Palaung in Shan State’s Namkham Township seem to have further entrenched the lines of ethnic conflict in the state.

The United Nationalities Federal Council will host a summit of ethnic armed groups as worries about inclusiveness loom over the government’s peace conference.

Muslims residing in displaced persons’ camps in three townships of Arakan State, are to be officially counted after being left out of the 2014 census.

A Shan State MP sought to submit a proposal to Parliament that would help displaced children receive an education, but her efforts were denied.

The Burma Army’s refusal to halt its offensive campaigns has fueled skepticism and undermined the trust required for peace with ethnic armed groups.

According to Kachin and Shan community leaders, the Burma Army is responsible for killing and burning the bodies of several villagers in Shan State.

Woman Gunned Down in Hpakant’s Sai Taung Village 

A woman from a village tract in Hpakant Township’s Sai Taung village, in Kachin State, was gunned down by three men on Sunday, according to local sources.

The testimony of several senior army officers implicated in the double rape-murder of two Kachin teachers has not proceeded as planned, sources say.

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