Ethnic Armed Group Leaders Discuss Formation of a Burman State

On the second day of a summit in Mai Ja Yang, Kachin State, ethnic armed group leaders propose combining three divisions to form a Burman state within a federal union.


Leaders representing 17 ethnic armed groups gather in Mai Ja Yang to search for common ground in working toward a federal system in Burma.

Burma Army Defends Soldier Against Myitkyina Murder Accusation

At a Rangoon press conference, the Burma Army insists that a soldier who shot dead ethnic Kachin student Gum Seng Awng was acting in self-defense.

Over 500 people demonstrate against ongoing conflict in northern Shan State, after the Shan State parliament resolves to stop the fighting.

The Karen State government denies the Karen National Union permission to hold a workshop outlining their land policy to residents of the state capital of Hpa-an.

Intensifying conflict between rival non-state ethnic armed groups the TNLA and the SSA-S displaces a whole village in northern Shan State.

Three Burmese Migrants Killed in Malaysia

Three Burmese migrant workers were killed and one was wounded early this morning in Malaysia’s northern Penang state, according to local sources.

The Buddhist ultra-nationalist group threatens to ignite protests if the govt does not punish Phyo Min Thein for describing Ma Ba Tha as ‘not necessary.’

With the Burma Army accused of killing seven people in northern Shan State, a deputy regional commander hands out ‘donations’ to victims’ families.

Police detain five people in relation to a Muslim prayer hall that was burned in Kachin State last week.

UN Special Rapporteur Yanghee Lee notes continued difficulties resolving problems of religious discrimination, gender equality issues and human rights.

Burma Army Accused of Killing Seven in Northern Shan State

Burma Army soldiers are accused by locals and victims’ families of detaining and killing five ethnic Ta’ang and Shan locals, and shooting dead two others.

Rights Group Pushes for Freedom of Speech in Burma

Human Rights Watch releases a report warning that despite progress since 2012, laws on the books can be used to oppress activists, protesters and journalists.

The new government is being given the benefit of the doubt by the public, despite apparent shortcomings, but such tolerance should not be taken for granted.

The Pegu Division government has yet to respond as local Muslim women and children flee a village after sectarian rioting. 

Rangoon Authorities Ban Press Conference on Burma Army Torture

Hotels have cancelled the launch of a report from an ethnic Ta’ang women’s group on torture by the military, allegedly due to local government pressure.

In a village in Pegu Division, an altercation between a Muslim and a Buddhist triggers a riot that destroys a Muslim’s house, a mosque and a warehouse.

Despite Criticism, Suu Kyi Offers Hope to Rohingya

After traveling to Rohingya IDP camps for years, veteran reporter Lawi Weng reflects on the causes of discord.

A Burma Army unit commander orders the Karen National Liberation Army to withdraw from an outpost, but the ethnic armed group is refusing to budge.

Spokesman Zaw Htay has blamed the persecution of minority groups on the previous government, saying the UN should acknowledge the recent positive change.

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