Ooredoo Lucky Draw Draws Fire From Users

A reportedly defective ‘lucky draw’ from the Qatar-based mobile network provider is met with social media fury and a government suspension order.

Government to Announce Economic Policy This Week

The National League for Democracy government will announce its long-awaited economic policy through state-run media on July 29.

Securities Commission Issued Warning Against Illegal Share Sales

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Myanmar warns it will take action against public companies that sell shares without its approval.

At an economic forum, participants express disappointment at sluggish growth but stress Burma’s potential, despite the lack of clear government policy.

Property developers aggrieved at government orders to modify their construction projects are submitting a letter to the State Counselor and the President.

After banning visitors from walking on Shan State’s famous Goteik Viaduct, security tightens as people continue to visit during the rainy season.

Grapes, Picked by Hand

The Irrawaddy visits a vineyard in Mandalay Division where people line up with bamboo baskets, handpick grapes and post selfies among the grape vines.

Burma’s Central Bank encourages patrons to lodge complaints if they have been turned away for trying to exchange US dollars that are not in mint condition.

Apartment Sales Slump Following Construction Crackdown

The market for high-rise apartments in Rangoon slumps after the divisional government suspends construction on new buildings, industry sources said.

Gold Price Reaches New High

After hitting a record high last month, gold prices continue to rise to their highest point ever due to increasing global gold prices.

FMI Stock Prices Drop

The price of First Myanmar Investment shares drops 16 percent in the Yangon Stock Exchange, putting the company’s stock at its lowest value yet.

In the Pegu Range, home to some of Burma’s major forests, the harvest of timber will undergo a 10-year hiatus starting in the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

Slowing Chinese demand and attempts by the Burmese government to limit sales of raw jade are cooling the appetites of buyers at the biannual Gems Emporium.

After high-level government meetings, the Burmese and Thai governments are pledging to triple trade volume and improve cross-border infrastructure.

With a nationwide ban on logging looming, seizures of illegally cut logs reached 12,844 tons between April and June, highlighting the challenges ahead.

A World Bank report cites Burma’s huge potential for economic growth; local observers say the government needs to implement policies to grow export markets.

Govt Allows 14 Items for Re-Export

In a government-led effort to boost exports three-fold this year, Burma’s Ministry of Commerce has allowed the re-export of 14 previously restricted items.

Tourism Industry Observer: ‘The Government’s Tourism Statistics Are Misleading’

The Irrawaddy interviews Sabei Aung, chairwoman of Nature Dream Travel and Tours about her take on the current state of the travel industry.

The demand for low-grade stones in Burma’s ‘Ruby Land’ increases as desposits of semi-precious stones remain noticeably thin.

Gold Market Hits Record High 

The price of gold hit a record high in Burma this week directly related to global gold prices, industry sources say.

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