Arakan State Braces for More Violence

Buddhist women hold sharpened bamboo sticks as they guard their homes on June 9 after around 1,000 Muslims swept through 22 predominantly Buddhist villages, attacking residents and burning houses and other buildings on June 8. The violence claimed the lives of at least seven villagers. (Photo: Reuters / Soe Zeya Tun)

4 Responses to Arakan State Braces for More Violence

  1. i am very astonished to read your news and see the photos. whole world watching the situation of Arakan. Rohyngas are continue faced brutally action by Myanmar Gov. authority and Rakhanine. They killed 10 Muslims who are follower of Tablig Jamat, who are always avoid any types of clash. We are seeing the International TV Footage, Newspapers Photo how they brutally killed innocent people, even childrens, women and destroyed Rohyngas house. But you only published one-sided news, where we are seeing only some people are ready to fight to a Rumor !!! How strange the behavior nonmalignant Buddhist to violent nature.

    • We are Buddhist nation and these peoples are INVADERS. We have the RIGHT to defend ourselves and our religion.
      That is what ALL the country in the world doing.
      If you go to Saudi Arabia during Ramahdan, you canNOT eat outside on the road, no matter what your religion is.
      In France, it is unlawful to cover one’s face, no matter what your religion is.
      These are some examples of what some countries do to the people who migrated FROM the other countries.
      So, IF SOMEONE MIGRATED to other country and RAPED AND KILLED A LOCAL girl, you should NOT hope for the REGAL treatment. And FYI, in Myanmar, we do NOT have the custom of throwing stones to the ADULTERERS.

  2. Before the violences come, the invaders must change calling themselves as Burmese-muslims instead of Rohingyas.

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