Thousands in Mandalay Rally for Faith Laws

Buddhist nuns at the Ma Ba Tha rally in Mandalay on Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014.  (Photo: The Irrawaddy)

Buddhist nuns at the Ma Ba Tha rally in Mandalay on Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014. (Photo: The Irrawaddy)

MANDALAY — Thousands of Buddhist monks, nuns and laypeople marched through downtown Mandalay on Thursday afternoon to demand that the government take action on a set of highly controversial and currently stagnant interfaith bills.

Organized by the upper Burma chapter of the Association for the Protection of Race and Religion, locally referred to as the Ma Ba Tha, the rally was joined by sympathizers from several nearby townships including Sagaing, Myingyun and Mandalay’s immediate surrounds.

Columns of demonstrators, some of them women, held flags and posters reading: “The aim of this demonstration is the immediate implementation of the nationalities protection bills.”

A legislative package comprising four bills, all premised of preserving the majority Buddhist identity in Burma, was created earlier this year at the request of the Ma Ba Tha. The package is commonly referred to as the Interfaith Bills, though translations vary.

The bundle of bills, which includes new regulations for interfaith marriage, religious conversion and population control, has come under immense criticism by rights groups both in and outside Burma.

In a three-point statement released by Ma Ba Tha on Thursday, the association demanded immediate passage of the Interfaith Marriage Bill, which they themselves proposed in 2013.

“The nationalities protection bills are meant to support peace, and they are not against human rights,” the statement read. The document also included an invitation for anyone who opposes the bills to discuss the matter directly with members of the Ma Ba Tha.

At a press conference following the rally, nationalist monk U Wirathu, who is also one of the leaders of the Ma Ba Tha, said that he and the association are committed to passing the package into law.

“If the government and the Parliament do not respond, we will keep pushing,” he said.

No one has yet been arrested for their involvement in the demonstration, as it was permitted by local authorities. The permit, however, granted assembly rights for around 200 people, far less than the event’s actual turnout.

5 Responses to Thousands in Mandalay Rally for Faith Laws

  1. Many Buddhists including many monks do not even know that Buddha was a Kalar. They hate Kalar but their god is a Kalar.

  2. I told you- U Wirathu is coming to the front row of the Myanmar politic through his popular faith law. In 2015, he will be a super star in Myanmar.

  3. “The nationalities protection bills are meant to support peace, and they are not against human rights,” the statement read.
    Laughable, and yet sad.
    If this isn’t bully speech, what is?
    Democracy is for good, honest, freedom-loving people. And the bullies take advantage of it without conscience, i.e. lacking hiri-uttapa.
    Let us put it through a referendum, and see who are in majority. The Hluttaws have no right to pass in favor of their proposed bill. It must be subject to the people’s will. There are more than 25 million adults who have the right to vote, not just a few thousands on Mandalay streets.
    They had intimidated and bullied people. And so, no one will speak up and argue with them. No on wants to be in harm’s way. They do not want people to speak their minds. They had caused enough riots, lies and fabrications, arson and murders. And now, what?

  4. Ashok Abdullah Joypuri

    The Buddhist Monks forgot the teachings of Gautam Buddhha and adopted the path of violence like other extremists in world. The Genocide of minority Muslims by Myanmar Army & Buddhist Extremists is contrary to the democratic transition and economic and social development that Myanmar, the second poorest country of Asia, is committed to. The common people in Myanmar should protest against the implentation of highly controversial interfaith bills. The United Nations & World Civil Societies should come forward to stop heinous crime against Humanity.

  5. I am wandering they can not marriage, why they want other people to live like them?

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