Kengtung—Shan State’s Hidden Gem

Pa Leng Gate—In the past Kengtung was surrounded by a moat and earthen wall with 12 gates. Today, Pa Leng Gate is the only one left standing and can be found next to the local authorities’ Mother and Childcare Department. The name Kengtung means “Walled City of Tung” and refers to a mythological founder of the city. Many Thai people refer to the city as Chiang Tung.

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  1. Thank you Mrs Lintner.

    Lovely presentation of lovely town and lovely people.

    May this liveliness last for long!

  2. Dear Hseng Noung,

    Thank you for this beautiful photo essay.

    We only met once, in Chiangmai, when I remember the conference organizers were giving you flak not to show your documentary.

    I hope you publish more of your photographic work.

    My parents had a great love for Shan people and the Shan States. My father was Education Officer in Taungyi when World War II broke out and the Nyaung Shwe Sawbwa looked after them and about 40 other families throughout the war.

    My mother was very fond of “Shorty” whom she spoke of often.

    I am currently writing a novel about a Siamese prince, and so these locale shots are very interesting to me.

    Please tell us more about the other Kengtung Saophas, especially the ornate tomb at the end of the line.

    I suppose Shorty’s father would have been the Yawngwe Mahadevi’s brother.

    Another Mangrai family member told me about the Haw (palace).

    Kyi May Kaung

  3. Stop Destroying the Historical Artifacts of Rich Shan.
    Stop Brainless Barbaric Acts.
    Seng Naung should come up with the Picture of Kengtung Hotel which is built on the demolished Kengtung Palace.

    The Shan Federal States were more develop then Malaysia Federal before 1948 the year Shan States joined the Union of Burma. The Malaysian were offered the same arrangement to honor Independent in 1957-58. The Malaysian accepted the arrangement and became independent in 1957 while the Shans fell into the hands of Burmese brutal colonizers until today. The Shan leaders were tortured, exterminated or expelled. Shan states have been destroyed and decapitated to the level of unrecoverable. Shan States have been divided and dismembered.
    Much prospered Malaysia emerged in Asia. Today, many Malaysian business and schools found in Yangon with a proud Malaysians.
    the Burmese army is trying in vein to destroy Kachin and relentlessly committing ethnic cleansing. Learn from the multiracial federal Malaysia, mimic their constitution if Really want to prosper Burma and bring happy face to the citizens.

  4. Thanks to Hseng Noung.
    Also message to Ma Ma KMK, if you go to
    you will get a lot of information about the Mangrai (or Mengrai) dynasty. Members of this family had made contributions.

  5. “Burma” is a MISNOMER.
    Even “Union of Burma” is not Ethnic Neutral.
    The name change to “Myanmar” makes it even worse.
    Just as ‘BaBuGyi’ or ‘KaLah’ means the same thing, as does ‘PaukHpaw’ is ‘TaYok’ Burmese/Bama and Myanmar means the same thing.
    Non-Burmese Ethnics are NOT Burmese.
    “Union of Burma” needs a name change to an ETHNIC Neutral Name, something like India, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Phillipines Isles which are all ethnic neutral names.
    We non-Burmese ethnics refuse to be refered to or be acknowledged as Burmese.

    I agree with UrawGam, stop destroying non-Burmese cultures.
    The country must live up to thr “PyiDaungSuu” spirit on which Indepentent “Union of Burma” was founded otherwise conflicts will continue.

    Continued MahaBama attitude and Racism will never bring peace to the country. Acknowledge that our country is Multi-Ethnic and act accordingly.

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