Kachin Conflict Scenes

This video footage shows causalities of recent heavy fighting between ethnic Kachin rebels and the Burmese government. On Monday, three civilians were killed after the two artillery strikes hit the center of Laiza, the headquarters of the Kachin Independence Army.

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  1. Hostility and hatred are growing up rapidly these day. I am not a Kachin but an ethnic citizen of Burma. I have a question for Thein Sein: Are you trying to rebuild the Union of Burma or are you trying to serve Than Shwe and his family? You led Than Shwe’s hand-picked people and drafted the Nargis constitution. Than Shwe pushed you to become non-elected president of Burma. You are not ashamed of this but we are ashamed that Burma is still under the rule of thugs. As your killing hands are on the Kachins, we, all the ethnics, are ready to seek your life and destroy your kingdom.

  2. Some Burmese readers of Irrawaddy make fun of this victim. Because their brothers are the ones who fired missiles to the Kachins. It hurts us really bad. Not only the junta, most of the Burmese seem lack of sympathy on the ethnics. When I read the comments, the Burmese are so different from ethnics. To the Burmese, we the ethnics have no value at all. We all need to understand that. We all need to rise up now for the same cause which is GENUINE FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY.

  3. The Myanmars think this picture is just a fake one. When will the Myanmars have compassion on the ethnics? The British military or the Japanese soldiers in WW II were not even as bad as Myanmars. We just want you to leave us alone.

  4. Have you ever put the news or footage on those death civilians who died at the bomb-blast of their trains,mined by KIA ? If not,then whats your media ethic ?

    • Becuase we all know the train mine was trigger by Burmese intelligence just like when Tatmadaw was at war with KNU. No one believe government lies. No one says anything because they want to do business with Cronies

  5. Hey! Saw Mya Aye, what made you sure to say that trains bomb-blast is the KIA ability. It’s also can be the burmese regime effort to slander KIA. They (burmese regime) used to lie their people, like this method since former to nowaday. They never try to confess that their confringement on their ethnics.

    • Reciprocally, Hey!! saisai,how can you be so sure to claim that bomb-blast in Laiza was shelled by the burmese army? Cos KIA elements used to be killed in the blast of their own mines while planting or arming the detonators.And KIA also has a dirty habit of collaborating with international news media and put fake news & photos.

      • speaking of spreading of lies, when was the last time the burman government told the truth or confessed its sins? they are known to be the biggest, and the worst liars in Asia, maybe even in the whole world. dare they even teach the contemporary history of burma in grade schools? they have so few good things to write about their history that the history text of 10th grade has a little bit more than one hundred pages whilst in other countries history texts are usually many hundred pages thick.

  6. saw mya aye are you a daughter of evil dictator who made burma poorest in the world? shame on you.

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