Anti-Muslim Violence Tears Apart Communities Near Rangoon — Special Report

Ashin Pon Nya, a novice monk, was involved in an altercation with a Muslim woman in Okkan which sparked the violence. (Photo: J Paing/The Irrawaddy)

OKKAN TOWNSHIP—A Buddhist mob advanced on War Yon Daw village with swords, stones and machetes, trapping any Muslims who were unable to escape.

Moe Kyaw, 59, was caught by a mob on Tuesday afternoon in War Yon Daw, where Buddhists began attacks on Muslim communities on Tuesday, along with his family of five. The mob entered his home from two sides, chasing the family down the street and hacking at them with their blades before burning down the house.

“As we ran away they hit us with knives and machetes. All of my family has suffered,” he said. “My wife’s younger sister and my two daughters are missing. We haven’t had any information about where they are.”

Moe Kyaw, a proud patriarch, broke down in tears as he recounted how the mob sliced at his head with swords, cutting his hands as he raised them to protect himself.

“We know all of the attackers’ names. This is the first time that I’ve had a problem with my neighbors,” he said. “We respect Buddhists, even though we are Muslims.”

An investigation of the violence in Okkan Township, located about 100 km north of Burma’s biggest city Rangoon, based on interviews with more than 30 witnesses, suggests that the gangs of Buddhist villagers were well organized but comprised mostly local residents, roaming from village to village on foot and in trucks.

This week’s attacks near Burma’s former capital are part of ongoing pattern of attacks on the Muslim minority, who comprise some 4 percent of the population, which began in Arakan State mid-2012. Clashes between Buddhists and Muslims there left more than 100,000 people displaced—most of them Muslim—while anti-Muslim riots last month in Meikthila town, central Burma, left 43 people dead and more than 12,000 homeless.

The continued anti-Muslim violence threatens to derail President Thein Sein’s reform program, widely lauded by the international community since the former military regime handed power to his nominally civilian government in 2011.

The latest round of anti-Muslim violence began in Okkan on Tuesday, after an altercation between a novice Buddhist monk and a Muslim woman angered local Buddhists. It is the closest the communal violence has come to Rangoon since violence broke out in central Burma in March.

Ashin Pon Nya, 11, the novice monk involved in the incident that residents of Okkan say sparked the violence, described how a minor altercation led to tempers flaring.

“I went out from the monastery to collect food. The [Muslim] woman was walking toward me and didn’t move out of the way,” he said. “She knocked my alms bowl, which dropped to the ground and she accidently stepped on the cover and broke it. Some people nearby saw and told her to apologize and take care of me.”

The woman and the novice monk were detained by police following the incident, and both were released about two hours later after the woman apologized at 11 am on Tuesday.

But when they left the police station, another Muslim woman grabbed Ashin Pon Nya and shook him, accusing him of lying to the police. This prompted both Muslim women to be detained. A crowd gathered outside the police station, growing angry as the police stalled for time before telling them there would be an investigation.

The Muslim women remain in custody. Police denied journalists’ requests to interview them.

At about 3 pm on Tuesday, gangs of young Buddhist men gathered in Okkan and began to attack Muslim-owned properties. They burned down several buildings, sparing those close to Buddhist-owned properties from the flames. A mosque was attacked and Korans thrown into a well in the courtyard outside.

“I respect the Buddhists and even my son has become a monk,” said Tin Maung Than, a Muslim shop owner whose clothing store was attacked by a mob on Tuesday. “I do my best in life to get along with the communities here. But they have taken this opportunity to make life bad for my family.

“I don’t think this is religious violence. It’s just violence. Muslim people do not have enough protection here,” he continued. “Our Muslim people feel very vulnerable and weak.”

The violence continued in Okkan on Wednesday night, with at least one more Muslim village razed by what appeared to be a well-organized mob, complete with scouts and checkpoints on the tracks leading to surrounding villages.

Several shops were shuttered on Wednesday and the police closed the market on Thursday, fearing more violence.

Witnesses and police officers, both Muslim and Buddhist, interviewed by The Irrawaddy suggested that some of the violence was carried out by mobs that traveled in trucks. But some Muslim villages outside Okkan were attacked by Buddhists from neighboring villages, people who only weeks ago were sitting together at the same table for meals and religious festivals.

“We didn’t have any problems here in the past. We even had had a big celebration here for the recent Islamic festival,” said Aye Poe, the head of Joe Jar, a Buddhist village about 500 meters from Yadanar Kong, a village for Muslim migrant workers from Pegu Division. “The people who burned down Yadanar Kong were not from my village, they came in trucks from elsewhere,” he said.

Fifteen villagers sheltering from the sun under a small rattan thatch roof next to the ashes of Yadanar Kong agreed.

“They came in trucks, a large group of people,” Thein Tun said. “We didn’t know who they were, because we had to run away. There were about 50 people.”

Wine Tin, an elderly woman in Yadanar Kong is worried for the future, afraid of returning to Pegu because of the anti-Muslim violence that erupted there in March.

“I am thankful we have a tree to sleep under, but we don’t know what will happen in the future,” she said. “The rains will come soon. We have nothing left. Everything was destroyed in the fires. No-one has come yet to help us.”

Several kilometers north is the devastated Muslim village of Kyawe Pone Lay. On Tuesday evening, Buddhist men from three neighboring villages attacked on foot shortly after evening prayers. The residents all managed to escape, spending the night in fear for their lives in undergrowth by a river as they watched their village looted and consumed by flames.

Residents of Kyawe Pone Lay claim to know most of the attackers by name. When the Rangoon chief military commander visited the site on Wednesday, they say they gave him a list of the attackers.

The attackers “shouted and started throwing stones at the mosque,” said a resident of Kyawe Pone Lay, who wished to remain anonymous. “We wanted to fight back, but there were so many children with us we had to run away.

“They burned all the houses, including the mosque and the school … The people who attacked my neighbors used to come and eat with us at my house.”

Mar Phyar, 70, watched the devastation with horror. “I could not breathe when I saw my house burned down,” she said.

Unlike Yadanar Kong, the residents of Kyawe Pone Lay village have been granted some police guards.

San Myint, the police officer in charge of security there, believes the attackers were opportunists hiding behind the rhetoric of radical religious groups, a radical Buddhist movement that started in eastern Burma’s Mon State and advocates segregation and boycotting Muslim businesses.

“These people wanted to take this opportunity to destroy Muslim property,” he said, adding that a tough terrain prevented the police from reaching the area in time to stop the riots. “It was too late when we arrived here. We thought the conflict wouldn’t come to this village. The roads are so bad to travel in this area and you have to cross a river.”

At Okkan’s police station, Rangoon Division’s deputy police chief Thet Lwin said 20 people had so far been arrested, including the two Muslim women detained on Tuesday.

“Most of them are locals,” he said of the suspects. “Residents here have short fuses. They drink alcohol and get out of control. This is how it happened. Everyone who has been detained is from Okkan. There are people who say the government is involved, but this is meaningless.”

But when a senior monk in Okkan, Shwe Nya War Sayadaw, spoke out against the violence on Tuesday, he implicated elements of the government in the attacks.

“We need to work together to stop this violence,” he told gathered monks at a monastery in the town. “This is not only good for Okkan, but good for Myanmar. If this conflict spreads to the whole country based on religious issues…there will be a coup. “So, if this continues to happen, Myanmar is headed in a dark direction.

“Our people do not understand this is a political plot to instigate violence. There are people here who set the fires of the violence. If there are more fires, if will be difficult to stop it.”

Religious extremism took hold in Okkan about five months ago, according to residents, when nationalist Buddhist monks promoting the 969 movement began making speeches calling for Muslims to be expelled.

The violence has also affected Buddhists with family ties to Muslims.

Yin Yin San, the daughter-in-law of Moe Kyaw, the Muslim man attacked with swords in War Yon Daw, is a Buddhist and leading member of the local branch of the National League for Democracy (NLD), headed by opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Her husband lay beside her with deep gashes to his head and arms in a hospital bed as she told The Irrawaddy how the village had been emptied of Muslims.

“There are no Muslims left in the village. I saw the police just stand by and watch as the mob destroyed my house,” she said. “The police were afraid of the attackers.”

“I married a Muslim man five years ago. Nowadays, I am being attacked regularly for being married to a Muslim. They don’t want to see any Muslims walking on the streets.

“Five months ago some Buddhist monks began to make speeches about the 969 movement. After that the tensions began to rise. Many Buddhists told me to divorce my husband.

Win Cho, a woman attacked in Wang Kit village, said the violence had affected the entire community. “Now the problem is hurting everyone — old people, children, women,” she said. “Should children be killed because of this?”

Win Cho spoke with anger and despair. “Now in the community there are frequent threats to kill the Muslims, so will we have to suffer more like this? I will be happy if they kill all the Muslims, rather than beating us up and leaving us cripples. If you want to kill us, just do it.”

Yin Yin San says she has been discriminated against ever since the 969 movement arrived. “I wanted to tell truth, I love the truth. Now we are becoming people who feel it is better to die than to live,” she said. “As a leading member of the NLD in Okkan, I have spoken out against this discrimination.

“In the past, a lot of people respected me, but not anymore, not since the 969 talks. Now I am exiled to the gutter,” she added.

Shwe Nya War Sayadaw, the monk in Okkan, said: “There are people playing with politics who are lighting the fires, opportunists. In this community, Buddhists and Muslims can live together in peace. We should not expel the Muslims.”

“If people burn down mosques,” he said, “the cycle of hate will never end.”

27 Responses to Anti-Muslim Violence Tears Apart Communities Near Rangoon — Special Report

  1. Defending your honor,lives,properties is your rights, dying with honor is better than living with shame, Yes it is true that you are out numbered but truth will prevail.

  2. Sincerely sad and sorry for what have happened for those innocent lives. At the same time feel reckless for being not able to do anything for those whose lives has been destroyed but only can express my sadness by writing this comments. May all beings, seen or unseen, regardless of belief or race , legal or illegal, be well and happy. May all being from all different directions, can live in peace without fear.

  3. After too many violent acts of aggression by Buddhists toward follow Muslim citizens creating hundreds of thousands of displaced minorities, it is time for the President to decisively deal with criminals and punish them to the full extent of the law. As a recipient of “In Pursuit of Peace” award from the New York-based International Crisis Group (ICG) and “Plaque of Recognition for the Vision, Leadership and Courage” from the Bangkok-based Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (ESCAP), President U Thein Sein is morally and duty-bound obliged to free his Muslim citizens from fear of being attacked by Burmese Buddhists.

    Although he has ordered the police to take drastic actions against rioters during sectarian violence in Meikhtila and various towns in Pegu Division, the President failed to lay down clear-cut policies, once and for all, to eliminate similar incidents. In a country of multiple religions, hatred among different religious groups is one of the most explosive time bombs that can ruin the peaceful coexistence of its inhabitants.

    It is well known that Buddhists are the most tolerant people and there has never been religious wars involving Buddhists. But Burmese hooligans are now changing the history. According to various reports, some local authorities are accused of doing nothing to stop the violence and in some cases they are said to have even participated in the cruel acts.

    In politics, accountability is very important. Repeated sectarian violence in Rangoon and Pegu Divisions indicates that political leaders there can’t cope with their duties. Both Muslim and Buddhist communities are living with fear that any negligible controversy can spark riots that kill innocent people and destroy properties.

    Whole governments from those divisions or at least Chief Ministers should take moral responsibility and resign immediately.

  4. Maung Kyaw Nu,Former political prisoner of conscience,

    This unrest is fully sponsored by Nargis government. Thien Sein and Suu Kyi ,chair of so called Rule of law preacher , are full responsible for this fearful unrest.

    No doubt it is going to lead another semi or full army coup very soon. The power gambling among Swe Man and Army Chief ,USDP and NLD make religious minority,Rohingyas and some ethnic as a tool to be played. This is leading THIRD PARTY’s prolong strategy to be success. This planned military power to be lasting for long .Their belief are in arm stronghold by the help of NORTH KOREA. This dagerous plan will make Union in to be pieces like Soviet Union .

    If the democratic forces are not come out like 62,74,8888,07 ,the country future will be surely like Norrth Korea. The humanitarian crisis is ahead of us .

    A few Government collaborators Monks(1-2%) and opportunist BSPP,SLORC ,SPDC and USDP are behind this dangerous situation .These groups do not like to see welfare of people and peaceful atmosphere in the country . The Dr Aye Maung ,RNDP group of Arakan is also master minder of genocide.

    Therefore ,we ardently request the democratic lovers to fight against this group

    Save the country from racists , dictators and opportunists.

  5. “Witnesses and police officers, both Muslim and Buddhist, interviewed by The Irrawaddy suggested that some of the violence was carried out by mobs that traveled in trucks. But some Muslim villages outside Okkan were attacked by Buddhists from neighboring villages, people who only weeks ago were sitting together at the same table for meals and religious festivals.”
    From the above paragraph, my opinion is that ming aung laing and police chief should be resigned at once. DASSK and ming ko naing should be replaced those post for caring the country.
    The second shameful thing is that Burmese are no longer religious in Buddhism , no kindness , no sincere and no generous from the view or eye of foreigner. Foreign investors will be reluctant to invest in Burma anymore. Foreigners might think Burmese people or workers are violent, jealous, illogical and disloyal ( eat the Muslim’s friend meal but kill those Muslim-scary).

  6. The Ordinary People of Burma

    All these senseless destructions and hurtings among the 2 communities must all stop.

    Violence in the whole history of mankind does not end up well for anyone and no one has ever ended up well the winner.

    All the peoples must be called upon to work together for the progress of our country and not destroy it.

    When the country is weak, the country and the peoples will be taken advantage of and made to suffer.

    Look around us, is this what we all want for our country to be like?

  7. These religious clashes are being funded by Chinese embassy in Yangon and consulate in Mandalay. Chinese are diverting people’s attention from anti-chinese to anti-muslim. Until a few months ago, there are lots of demonstrations in Mandalay against Chinese and banners saying Chinese Get Out.. See how quickly Mainland China government diverted our attention from anti-chinese to anti-muslim.. so that army will come again to power and Myanmar become under embargo and sanction. Then chinese will take our natural resources alone as they’ve been doing since last 30 years. They dont want us to be friend with European, Indian and Americans..

    • Ne Htun,
      We Buddhist Burmese are not crazy enough to believe what you said and what you want to happen on other ethnic group. I do understand some Muslims want Buddhist Burmese attention on ethnic Chinese to distract attacking on Muslims in Burma.
      It’s not good idea to spread rumor during ethnic tension in Burma.
      You can not tell Chinese ethnic in Mandalay is from mainland China. Different races of Chinese speaking ethnic living in Kachin State and Shan State before Pagan dynasty conquered Shan and Kachin state. Wa ethnic was recorded in Pagan history as one of ethnics who live in northern Shan state border with China. Wa use Chinese language for written and speaking even though they have their own speaking language. Was move to Mandalay after brokerage by former spy chief Khin Nyunt peace agreement with Wa leaders (UWSA) to end CPB (Communist Party of Burma) base in Shan state and Burma.
      They move to Mandalay with huge amount of money mostly come from drug trafficking. Was bought land in best location and build up big business. Some of our Burmese are not satisfied Was invasion in Mandalay and some jealous about their wealth. Those Was moving to Mandalay are closed relative and family of USWA. Their money was unclean because they generate accumulated wealth by illicit drug trading but former dictator Than Shwe and Khin Nyunt both allowed to wash Was’ dirty money in Mandalay by doing formal businesses. However, we can not blame entirely on Khin Nyunt for Wa related matter with Khin Nyunt because Wa is powerful group in CPB and important player for dismantling CPB in Shan state. However, Khin Nyunt had given too much concession with USWA. Some USWA leaders who living in Mandalay ignore Police power and many local peoples are upsetting about that.
      Wa population in Wa control area is about 550,000 to 600,000.
      If 10 percent of rich Wa families moved to Mandalay and then permanent residing Wa population in Mandalay can be between 100,000 – 200,000. There are some Chinese merchants who cross over border with special visa and buying Jade and other precious Gen in Mandalay. Allegations about all Chinese speaking ethnics come from main land China is nonsense.
      Also many Chinese speaking Burmese ethnics in Kachin state and Shan state. Those minority ethnics have their own speaking language but they do not have writing language. They use Chinese language as writing language and speaking mandarin Chinese. Some even couldn’t speak or understand Burmese language. Thanks to former dictatorships Ne Win and Than Shwe who ignored development in minority ethnics’ area.
      Ne Htun, please does not lifting another fire before we can distinguish old flame at the moment.

      • Mr. Sai, I am not talking about Myanmar Chinese, I am talking about chinese from mainland china, chinese embassy in Yangon and chinese consulate in mandalay. If you say yourself and Myanmar citizen, then pls don’t get so excited when someone is talking about Mainland chinese and chinese government. I am a Myanmar Muslim and I love my country and it does not matter people called me Kalar or whatever.. I am a Myanmar citizen and i dislike Illegal Bengalis (i dont want to call them rohingya, as the word of rohingya does not exists in our country until 1970), so they are illegal bengali immigrants from across the border. I dont like any form of voilence, either by muslim or by buddhist. We are one country, one Myanmar and religious is not important at all.
        Chinese government must stop creating problems in our country. They want Army to come back so we will have sanctions and embargoes again, and they can do whatever they want.

      • If you, Sai Lin Kan, is not considered as a crazy/dumb man, we will not need the word “Crazy or Dumb” in the dictionary. You are as crazier/dumber than Thein Sein administration. If you do not know about yourself, let me tell you. Sai Lin Kan is a dumb man.

    • sympathy to your agony but don’t agree to your baseless malicious accusation. Business is always involved agreement between buyer and seller – without agreement one can never take resources by themselves. If one doesn’t want to sell resources, then one shouldn’t accept money – otherwise one will become a robber, won’t he?

      • True. There are thousands of Chinese robbers in Burma. Illegal logging (accelerating climate change and causing droughts) jade and copper mining (poisoning the ancestral land of the poor farmers), dams (causing earthquakes and havoc downstream) etc. etc.

    • I won’t be surprised if the Chinese, the Chinese-backed rich Wa drug warlords or the Chinese-bribed junta generals (Shitlone for example?) are instigating a lot of this. Distraction (or scapegoating) is a classic political ploy.
      I remember that the first incident in Rakhaing (rape and murder of an innocent girl) that sparked killing a busload of Muslims by a mob, occurred very close to the Chinese naval base at Kyaukphru and the three alleged murderers of the girls were executed very quickly, so that nobody knows for sure whether there was something behind all of this.
      Of course the 969’ers and the crazy monk Wirathu are certainly not acting according to the strict Theravada rules for the Sangha.

    • You could be right since Chinese became rich by every selfish way.They are good friend of corrupted countries.

    • It’s the Burmese illegally migrated to China spreading sexually transmitting disease. Here’s the proof.
      Where is your proof of your wishful thinking that “China embassy funding the anti-Muslim activities”?

  8. who’s going answer for burma future ?..burmese Buddhist army are killing Christian in kaching and,karin state..burmese buddhist and monk is killing muslim in the country..what burmese want ?…

  9. Buddhist Burmese must stop attacking on Burmese Muslim. Now the attacking Burmese Muslim will distract democracy reform in Burma. I believe some elements from USDP who do not want President U Thein Sein reform program because those peoples think they will lose monopoly control on Burmese economy and they will lose their confiscated land from farmers.
    President U Thein Sein Government must investigate for who is involving in inciting attacking on Burmese Muslim. I believe some MPs from USDP are financing for destabilize in community.
    From now on Buddhist Monks should not involve in any problems between Buddhist and Muslim. Minor accident should be sorting out peaceful by discussing two communities.
    Also Muslims should respect Buddhist monks young or old. Anyone should apologize for incident to other person regardless of who was right or wrong.
    Forgiveness is best policy for both communities.
    Also I want to ask Journalists for to avoid exaggerated news and one side story reporting on Buddhists and Muslims communal riots in Burma. Please, report about what exactly accident was happening and do not add personal opinion in news.

  10. Burma is becoming a breeding ground of Buddhist terrorism. EU gave it a helping hand by lifting its sanctions. Unless the international community come out and launches attack on the terrorists, like USA did in Afghanistan, the communal violence against Muslims will not come to a halt.

  11. One of the clauses in fake constitution is Army can take power if it feels that national security is in danger. So our most cunning man has already planned to do this. If Than Shwe or his cronies interests are in danger, then he will definitely use this clause to protect his interest. By burning and destabilizing country, army will take the power. Their interests were threatened by Farmers, Rakhine politician asked share of income from GAS sale to be used in Rakhine state. He used fake monks to attack muslims. Remeber he even refused donation for Nargis and put in jails who donated to the victims You can expect every cunning things from this devil

    • Dear Zaw win
      I feel chilling from the cruel behavior of than shwe and his USDP party. Than shwe praises Nargic typhoon for killing bama for cleaning major bama population for poverty as well as his implementation of ugly 2008 constitution. Then, than shwe can export more rice for foreign exchange. It is the bama military thugs’ way of bama population control for let them dying in natural disaster.

    • Are you crazy? Army does not need to take power. The power still is in their hands. Than Shwe is still pulling the strings from behind the curtain. Min Aung Hlang has more power than Thein Sein. Do you not know Burma is still run by generals and ex-generals?

  12. Buddha’s teaching is focused on compassion and to treat each other with loving kindness. Christianity and Islam also teach people to love one another and be kind to one another. Buddhism being the religion followed by the majority of Burmese, one would expect Burma to be a peaceful nation but on the contrary it’s not. Why? My humble opinion is that it’s because the ruling party members of the government for the last six decades have been going against Buddha’s teachings; it’s plain and simple. Greed and power has taken over these people.

    So far, Burmese Muslims in Burma are not radicals and they have lived peacefully with their Burmese “Buddhist” neighbors. Beware of radicals who won’t stand violence against Muslims. President U Thein Sein must stop the violence NOW. I pray for peace among people of all races, and faiths in Burma and all over the world.

  13. Dear Sai
    Are you sure that Pagan dynasty conquered Shan and Kachin ? One claims that Pangan dynasty conquered Mon and Rakhine only. Shan and Kachin were ruled by themselves so British needed to fight those ethnics for their colony and ruled them with separate administration. So, Aung san needed to persuade them to demand Burmese independence from British. If so and Wa which is not from Shan , Wa can claim independent state anytime from bama.
    Thank for your facts and information about Wa rising for the suppressing of CBP. At that time, Ne win and khin nyunt had a main problem with CBP with the support of Chinese communist on CBP. At least, Wa should receive rewards from Bama military thugs. If CBP won the war , there is no than shwe now. At least, Chinese communist helped Ne win ( on Ne win request ) to wipe out KMT from Shan state. Otherwise, there in no than shwe now. If US helped ROChina-KMT in time, there was and is no communist rule in China and China will not be divided into PRC-communist and ROChina-KMT. If there was no involvement of PRC and US, Korea will not be divided into south and north. PRC should reward US.
    If US declares to use Myanmar instead of Burma , it might imply that there is no Panglong agreement so all ethnics can claim independence. If there is Panglong agreement, than shwe, Bama must honor Panglong agreement before than shwe wants to call Myanmar. The name of Burma is not fair enough to come from bama than shwe, according to panglong agreement. Thein sein government is not democratically elected government due to lack of inclusion of all ethnics at least. US must respect all ethnics opinion on name change.
    Now, some bama are jealous on rich Wa , living in Mandalay. Most rich Wa now might want to live in rich China in future if China let them ( Wa) to immigrate because their Wa children can study Chinese universities as well as military strategy steadily with rising standard. Some bama are jealous of Wa, Chinese and Muslim rising in Business and other areas so they , like notorious late Ne win want to eat free lunch ( nationalised the all ethnics business, frequent changing currency ) . As such , from the help of USDP, they kill Muslim first for nationalising Muslim business as well as power consolidation or struggling.
    The next target is Chinese. They abuse ethnics resources decade and decade long with free lunch. Therefore , Aung min ( than shwe ) are not loser on any peace talk because than shwe, bama can get some portion from weak military ethnics with free lunch. All ethnics never get portion from the profit of Rangoon and Mandalay businesses by than shwe. Therefore , than shwe agrees all peace talk ( anybody can be involved such as US, UN, UK Japan, China) to make sure he can get the free lunch again from all ethnics. The real investors are Chinese and all ethnics in hydropower and mining , jade businesses. Now, being not idiot , China is participating in all peace talk to save their businesses they heavily invested with high risk. If China is cleaver enough , deal with Business aspect only with the favor of all ethnics from the awareness of enjoying free lunch of than shwe. In this business deal , if China favors kachin instead of than shwe, all will be solved out easily. Later ,deal with the political dialogue with the involvement of UN, UK, US, Japan, China to press to honor the panglong agreement with compensation to all ethnics’ loss.
    Some bama will not be arrogant anymore , especially than shwe, USDP. Peace will be prevailed in Burma with enjoying multi-ethnicity ( no bamanization , no buddhinization). Bama can find Muslim, Wa, Kachin , Shan , Karen , Chinese wives in vise-versa in fair competition. Be aware that bama military thugs have no fair fight in every aspects. If married to Muslim wife , bama can get another 3 wives in Muslim culture as far as i know ( see the Bin laden).

  14. Burmans do not care whether Burma is becoming a province of China. Chinese food and Chinese women are tasty to the Burmans. Chinese are lords to the Burmans for hundreds of years anyway.

  15. MR. NE HTUN,
    you need to learn history of arakn before denying rohingya existence.people like you are creating unnecessary provocation, for those who are weak like ethnic rohingya in arakn.understanding each other regardless of ethnic,race, religion should priority right now,but thugs like you ,drugged minded chauvinist Buddhist failed to understand core value of unity and co-existent. well educated magh Dr. Aye maung, Dr. aye chan etc.are know rohingya are ethnic minority according historical fact,but denying mood for face saving to accommodate evilest of society at large in the country who are out of mind,brain washed for five decade since 1962.rohingya ethnic are facing genocide,lost half of it population still uncertain future should not victimize more,branding your-self so call fool need to learn history from great Burmese scholar Dr.Zarni, Dr. Sai latt.massacre in meiktila,Uggan,Yangon through out the country are result of intolorent toward weak minority Muslim.

  16. There shall be no solution to the ethnic cleansing unless government make it a federal crime with serious punishments. With all the powerful generals with impunity, the country is torn apart by lawlessness and radical-version of Theravara Buddhism. If they really want reform and democracy, they must do it. Myanmar Buddhists are getting “educated” by hate Facebook with twisted radical history with Neo-Nazi anti-Islam ideas and all street papers and DVDs. Please remember, Islamic civilization is the first scientific civilization, and Islam is the fastest-growing religion. Myanmar people must define the concept of Myanmar version of Theravara Buddhism comparing with Tibetan Mahayana. There was a test for Islam to define the religion because of open criticism and terrorism. Now, it is time for Buddhist to clarify because of ethnic cleaning and barbaric violence.

  17. This violence is against the Dharma and is wrong and evil. The people doing it bring shame to Buddhists globally and it needs to stop now!!

    “They are not following dharma who resort to violence to achieve their purpose. But those who lead others through nonviolent means, knowing right and wrong, may be called guardians of the dharma.” -Prince Gautama Siddharta

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