Burmese Celebrities Back Constitutional Change Campaign

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Artists and performers in Rangoon sign a petition to show their support for the campaign to amend Article 436 of Burma’s Constitution. (Photo: Sai Zaw / The Irrawaddy)

RANGOON — Burmese actors, singers, songwriters and film directors have added their backing to the public campaign calling for the Constitution’s Article 436 to be amended.

On Friday, about two dozen celebrities gathered at Rangoon’s Royal Rose restaurant to sign a petition backing the opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) and the 88 Generation Peace and Open Society’s efforts to change the part of the charter that effectively gives Burma’s military a veto over constitutional amendments.

“The 2008 charter is the Constitution that was designed by the government: of the army, by the army and for the army,” director Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi, told The Irrawaddy, explaining his reasons for backing the campaign.

“I believe that to become a government of the people, by the people and for the people—for which many lives have been sacrificed—the Constitution must be amended. So I signed [the petition].”

He said that artists and performers had for a long time been used by the Burmese government for propaganda purposes, and were often not given a choice. “Although I never worked for the government’s propaganda, I think celebrities are now showing their stance decisively, when it is really important for the country,” he said.

Kyi Toe, an NLD information officer, said that the celebrities were signing to show their support ahead of a public signature campaign, which will be launched on Tuesday.

“The public can join the signature campaign at all NLD offices, and we will send those signatures to the Parliament,” he said.

5 Responses to Burmese Celebrities Back Constitutional Change Campaign

  1. Shall we hit right on the nail; and call a ‘Spade’, a ‘Spade’ because we are running out of time.

    Step-1: U Thein Sein Administration to step down

    Step-2: Form a Coalition Government

    Step-3: Amend Constitution 2008 Drafted, or Rewrite new one

    Step-4: Hold New Elections

  2. Beautiful.All walks of life and peoples must come out and show support that we the people are united for change. Regime claimed that 98% of the people approved Nargis constitution. So, I laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh at the regime. This kind of thing happens in N Korea, Cuba and Burma where thugs with guns are ruling. We the people from all walks must show that this is the time regime needs to step down for good. Nargis constitution was drafted by thugs and approved by thugs, not the people.

  3. Use your famous names to encourage others to promote change in Myanmar. We the people of Myanmar are unstoppable now.

  4. Not just celebrities but all peoples of Burma must stand up and demand what they want to Military and Government.
    If Military and Government ignored demand of peoples and then peoples must go out to street and peacefully demand for to amend Constitution and for Military to step aside.

  5. Union election commission is supposed to be independent or neutral. However, uec is campaigning for usdp. Shame on you guys, tin aye and fellow thugs. We the people are not intimidated by self serving and ego – centric idiot thugs.