Burmese Monks Protest Bangladesh Attacks

More than 100 monks in Burma demonstrated on Friday at Bangladesh’s embassy to protest recent attacks against Buddhist temples and homes in Burma’s South Asian neighbor. The monks staged the protest in reaction to Sept. 30 riots in Bangladesh’s coastal district of Cox’s Bazar. Thousands of Muslims there set fire to at least 10 temples and 40 homes due to anger over a photo of a burned Quran posted on Facebook, allegedly by a Buddhist. About 300 Buddhist monks in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, staged a similar protest on Wednesday outside the regional office of the United Nations.—AP

One Response to Burmese Monks Protest Bangladesh Attacks

  1. It is all very good to be modern and caring and leading and representing people and democratic and all that. 

    But by being involved in any and all affairs of the Puhtuzin in high profile way each time, Thangha will be treated and regarded exactly as a regular Joe, losing traditional respect, devotion and even due regard with loss of status as well as loss of ways.

    Before long girls will be shaking hands and doing high fives or dancing cha-cha with the Chief Monk under Thein Sein.

    Law-gi practices of  Thi-ho phone gyies are hardly shining example for deep spiritual Law-guttara thoughts.

    There is a difference between mortal crisis of a society and day-to-day affairs.

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